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    Brother print drivers

    I contacted Brother on whether and when they would support MacOS X. Their official response via email was that they would not support beta OS's but would have drivers available soon after MacOS X is officially released out of beta.
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    Attention Command line USers!!!

    Yup, I think so. Go to They have an article there on doing a clean install. It appears the password for root is changed from what you originally set it to.... :(
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    Attention Command line USers!!!

    You might not actually be getting to be root. Does you prompt change in terminal so that it says you are root? If not, try this example: [localhost:~] malloroy% su - root Password: [localhost:~] root# Notice how the prompt changed. You can also use this example: [localhost:~]...
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    Attention Command line USers!!!

    The admin account is the account you created the first time MacOS X came up after the install. That account should have full admin privileges and supposedly is the same password for root. At least, that is how it works for me. ;)
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    Epson 740 drivers?

    USB printing in Classic does not work either. There appears to be fundamental USB parts missing. Printing through Appletalk to a postscript printer does work in both Classic and X...
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    How do I log in as "root"?

    I have not tried that. It might work. The password for root is the same as the primary account (admin) you created when you installed MacOS X. Alternatively, you can bring up a terminal window (in the Utilities directory of the Applications directory). At a prompt, type in su and hit enter...
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    Attention Command line USers!!!

    The SU password should be the same as the admin password you created when you first installed MacOS X. If not, this may be a bug....