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    Chimera 0.6 is out!

    Yeah, but there will be a good deal of lag time. It was only a few months ago that they completely synchronized the project with Mozilla 1.0, although if there are bugs they pick up the changes ASAP. It's not such a big deal, however, since Gecko doesn't change much or quickly. Most of the...
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    BIG security hole in Mac OS X!!

    These are user paswords; they apply both locally and on the network, since you can be logged in over SSH, etc.
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    Chimera 0.6 is out!

    That's weird; I'm glad you finally figured out the problem ;). I filed a bug to get this fixed; you can track it here
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    Chimera 0.6 is out!

    To set a bookmark keyword, select the bookmark, choose Get Info, and then type the keyword into the Keyword: field. The browser will now go to the bookmark's URL whenever you type the keyword in the URL bar. You can also use a URL with %s in it and Chimera will fill in the term entered after...
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    Register Here

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    Battle of the Browsers

    fryke: sounds like your build isn't new enough to have keywords enabled. They work exactly like they do in Mozilla; the wildcard is %s, for example
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    Battle of the Browsers

    BTW, bookmark keywords were enabled in Chimera a few days ago, so you no longer need to use OW for shortcuts.
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    Chimera 0.6 is out!

    Well, the fact that the text color changes in text input boxes _is_ a bug; Chimera is a jumble of Gecko and Cocoa code thrown together (hence its name), so you end up with things like that where the background of the text box has the Aqua appearance, but the text is being done by Gecko so it is...
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    Chimera 0.6 is out!

    Chimera won't support styles on user interface elements until CSS3 is released, which should be sometime in 2003. CSS3 contains specifications for adding styles to buttons, text boxes, etc., while CSS1 and 2 only allow changing the cursor (although browsers that don't use sytem UI elements like...
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    Apple buying SUN

    Actually, we don't really have a very useable version of Java; the incredibly old version that comes with Jaguar isn't supported anymore by most developers :(
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    Apple buying SUN

    Sun's stock is down all the way to $2.57 now, but that still means that they're worth $8,057,990,850; almost 30% more than Apple is.
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    Competition to Chimera out on Windows / Linux

    Hyatt always said that Chimera was the answer to the browser product for Macintosh, and that XUL would work on Windows and Linux if they would only make a browser-only product and rework the UI. He always pointed tot he m-b project, and Phoenix is clearly the successor to that idea.
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    Apple dumping IE?!?

    I think it's perfectly fair to say that MS has abandoned the Mac since they've carbonized all their apps, but they haven't actually developed any of them. Heck, they didn't even bother to put a real cocoa interface on IE when they carbonized it, and Office v.X featured almost no new features...
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    .mac backup?

    To clarify, you don't have to be online to burn CDs/DVDs (why would you?), but the Backup program does have to connect to .Mac at least once to verify your membership and unlock the full feature set (inluding CD/DVD backups), which is probably why Apple notes that you need an internet connection...
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    applications OS X could use that Windows has

    Indeed, but this thread does show how much progress has been made in OS X: the firewall configuration is now built into System Prefs, FTP is now integrated into the Finder, and BBEdit was always my favorite text editor anyways :). We also now have 9i, and different amounts of text smoothing...
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    Announcement : Apple and censorship

    Censorship is when someone else prevents you from saying something; you're saying that you want to force Apple to publish things that you write, whether they want to or not. Also try to remember that it is a support forum, and there are so many people crapflooding it with product reviews and...
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    Gaaaa!!!! So much skepticism!!!!

    This would let you duplicate a disk without having to copy one disk to your hard disk first, or it could let you play a game, etc. while you are burning a disk in the background, and you can keep two discs mounted at the same time which lets you do all sorts of other multitasking things (import...
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    FREE iPOD!!!!!!

    1. Sell kit telling people how to get a free iPod for $5 on eBay 2. Repeat 100 times 3. Buy an iPod
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    Missing features of Chimera 0.4

    Here is the list of all the feature requests for Chimera right now.
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    Installing Jaguar 6c115

    The third CD is the DevTools. But don't worry; the first two CDs are nowhere near full. Jaguar, with all the applications and extra drivers, is around 800MB so it won't quite fit on one disk.