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  1. AHB

    Cleverfiles. Huh? How do I get things out of there. And why are they there?

    If you know that you aren't personally using the files associated with these string files, I would not see any reason you could not clean them out. With a broadband connection it wouldn't take long to recache them if you stumble on them again, whatever is using them online and/or if you aren't...
  2. AHB

    Navigating with TAB == Notice as I tab from field to field, when the cursor should highlight the multiple choice box, it just skips it entirely and moves to the next available text box. In order to proceed as designed I have to mouse to the multiple choice...
  3. AHB

    Navigating with TAB

    As I navigate down a page, the cursor just skips multiple choice boxes altogether. This doesn't happen to you?
  4. AHB

    Navigating with TAB

    For years I've put up with not being able to navigate through an entire dialog box with the TAB key if it has a drop down box. I can advance to the next text box, but in all my efficient TAB use, it all stops at drop down boxes, where I have to take my hands off the keyboard, grab the mouse or...
  5. AHB

    Serial Crashes - iMac 2017

    I seriously doubt its a software issue. I am the victim of Apple hardware freezes that the shop couldn't replicate while they tested it. Some of us just get the short stick from the bunch and have to live with sporadic crashes. Even after I sent mine in to get the video chip replaced, I get...
  6. AHB

    Linux Thunderbird to Apple Mail

    For anybody in the future... this is one reason why I have stayed with Thunderbird since it began... Going from the Windows re-installs to Windows re-installs to finally from the Windows platfom to the Mac platform, and then from OS X fresh installs from one computer to the next to the next...
  7. AHB

    Slideshow Convert?

    What you have created is called a "Video CD." Video CDs were compatible with many brands of DVDs back in their day. That is why it was able to play on your DVD player. I'm surprised you did not find how to play the media in VLC. Below is the documentation provided in VLC's help file: (it...
  8. AHB

    Top Apps For Mac

    My top apps are (top meaning most often used): Firefox Thunderbird NeoOffice Maps (Apple) Sketchup Curio Virtualbox with WinXP (a couple apps that will not work anyhow else) MacXVideoConverter Handbrake Photoshop Elements Chronicle iSee SuperDuper! Disk Utility Background apps: Boom Pivot...
  9. AHB

    System password

    Any new folders that you put _ in front of will show up first in the directory. So if you had a _Utilities or a group of folders that all started with _ then they would be on top of the Applications folder. Ever since iCloud moved all my files off my Desktop and out of my Documents folder, I...
  10. AHB

    Mp4 to MOV in order to copy to DVD is becoming HUGE

    Do you really want to re-encode an mp4 into an mpeg-2 DVD?
  11. AHB

    Official: Mojave Thread

    If you right click on your Pictures folder and select Make Alias from the drop down menu, you can then drag the newly created alias icon anywhere you like to be able to access your Pictures. Once you move that alias out of the Home folder, you can rename it to Pictures if you don't care for the...
  12. AHB

    Startup problem with early 2011 macbook pro laptop

    I took my 17" 2011 in to the local dealer that ran the tests on it to see if it had the symptoms to get a free repair. It never had any problems while there. So I guess it was alright! I found a repair service on eBay that sent me the packaging to send the entire computer to them. They...
  13. AHB

    Mp4 to MOV in order to copy to DVD is becoming HUGE

    I don't recommend that you archive your movies to the DVD format. Making DVD Video discs out of 720p, 1080p, and 4k movies is a huge step backwards. Are you wanting to be able to play them on a DVD or would be better off streaming them through an Apple TV? I think I can help you with whatever...
  14. AHB

    connecting MacBook to projector and keeping MacBook as the ‘main’ monitor

    I think that when this happens next time, you can drag the title bar back over to your main display and it will remember that setting with subsequent connections. This is all done in your Displays applet in system preferences. When you have more than one display detected and represented, the...
  15. AHB

    Official: Mojave Thread

    Recently I read an article on the interesting work being done by a character that goes by the name DOSDUDE1. The person in the spotlight has provided a way for old systems, which Apple will not let, upgrade to Sierra, High Sierra, or Mojave and stay up to date a little longer with their...
  16. AHB

    Booting iMac8,1 off USB

    I've seen claims to be able to boot to a Boot Camp partition on an external drive, but I was never able to replicate it.
  17. AHB

    Help! I can't uninstall Windows in Mac Os

    If you have an external drive that can hold all your Mac partitions, I recommend SuperDuper to clone your drive to the external drive, then boot into the clone and repartition the Main HD with the Mac partitions and without a Boot Camp partition. Then use SuperDuper to restore the Mac...
  18. AHB

    Finder and NeoOffice can't open a new Window

    The answer to this very annoying issue can be found in the Dock preferences of all places.
  19. AHB

    cd not reading

    Use a Windows computer with a CD Writer and copy the discs on Verbatim discs. I bought a Sony DVD writer, put it in a Firewire enclosure, and find that it will read and write to discs that the Superdrives in my Mac won't. Apple seems to make their systems extremely picky with the media used in...
  20. AHB

    I'm still using iWeb but have a problem

    Since iWeb exports its native creation to HTML in order to publish your site, if you lose the original data file that was used to export that site to HTML, you cannot get it back.