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  1. jimfl

    Serious Problem...Please Help

    Do you lose all your net connectivity or just your web services are failing? Are you trying to make your web server available to the internet or just your internal network? In other words, in the morning, can you open a web browser on the iMac and view some one else's web site ( for...
  2. jimfl

    'top' disagrees with CPU Monitor

    OK, now I know what you are looking at. First, yes-- top shows the kernel usage--it shows everything. If you are watching CPU monitor during a compile and you are looking at the list of items in top. It appears as though the processes are not doing much and certainly don't add up to what...
  3. jimfl

    'top' disagrees with CPU Monitor

    Or another thought occured to me--maybe your system has been hacked and the top command was replaced with a broken one that hides the hack. And CPUmonitor is actually telling the truth. The way to know more certainly, is if your network connection is also maxed out (somebodies using that CPU...
  4. jimfl

    'top' disagrees with CPU Monitor

    You are not comparing apples to apples (ahem) here. While both will monitor and display a % of CPU usage, obviously both do things differently to display that info. CPU monitor has to generate all the fancy flashing lights and stuff in the GUI (and that takes more effort. But this is only...
  5. jimfl

    To all fellow web developers

    CSS and Javascript only invite headaches for now-- Netscrape and Internet Exploder have messed everything up. IE in particular, when they came out with version 5 for windows, broke almost every javascript we had running on our site. Yes, you can code cross browser doms till your blue in the...
  6. jimfl

    PHP 4 and OSX

    Sorry, when you said fixed, I thought you meant tweaking some files-- not installing. Both links describe how to compile from the source code (which you will have to obtain from the respective sites). The PHP files left on the basic Mac OS X install are not fixed by either of these processes...
  7. jimfl

    Is there a new version of IE available ?

    There is an IE update available through Mac OS X update. Otherwise, there is no "more" current version for Mac OS X. And yes, MS doesn't seem to have their own web site up-to-date as they don't list the Mac OS X version. Or (Conspiracy Theory active) "They don't want to list it"(CT deactive)
  8. jimfl

    Can't ping myself

    Sorry if this is way off--but did you install a second Apache server or modify the one that is currently running? If you installed a second Apache things might be a little messed up. First turn off Apache in the Apple Sharing System Pref Panel. Then from a terminal window type "top", if...
  9. jimfl

    PHP 4 and OSX

    I saw the directory for php when I first installed OS X. I don't think it is broken so much as some files (libraries?) left there from a previous incarnation. At any rate it seems like you have PHP running at Much like Red Hat Linux (which includes PHP) I wouldn't recommend running...