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  1. adambyte

    Racial profiling

    Hate breeds more hate. Cat, as wonderful and idealistic as your ideas are, I'm afraid that many many people are too selfish to even BEGIN to address them.
  2. adambyte

    is it possible to retract unread messages with Mail?

    You mean, you would like to "un-send" the e-mail you just sent? Most likely, no. I am only aware of this feature in AOL, when one AOL member is sending mail to another AOL member.
  3. adambyte

    Technical Scouts

    And, now, I present a well-deserved "wtf?"... WTF?
  4. adambyte

    motorola bluetooth itunes

    Salling Clicker: BluePhoneElite: Both of these pieces of software can do that, but Salling Clicker has a LOT more options for controlling your Mac, including all sorts of plug ins and scripts... basically...
  5. adambyte

    Racial profiling

    I have to admit, it first glance, it seems like a good idea.... if... only "dark" people bomb stuff, then, let's concentrate at looking at dark people, eh? Saves time, right? And although it may make snese at first.... I can only help but think that eventually the "dark" people will just find...
  6. adambyte

    how to prevent HDs from moving on desktop?

    Simple workaround: Make aliases of the hard disk icons, and then choose "hide hard disk icons" in the Finder Preferences. Then arrange the alias icons.
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    Final Cut Studio

    Hey there, turbo! That's a lot of questions!... Yes, it is better to put in good ol' CD-quality AIFFs (44100kHz, 16-bit, Stereo or higher) AIFFs.... Final Cut doesn't like MP3s for some reason, and I have seen FCP play them a little weird with pops and stuff, when I have tried. Stick with...
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    Wow.... Dogcows, eWorld, and the Intel snail... my, how times have changed. lol.
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    itunes music editing

    Well... there is a SLIGHT exception to this rule.... If you have ripped all of the tracks of a CD (Because you ripped the whole album... because you OWN it, don't you? ;) ), then you can select all of the tracks of one album by shift-clicking. Once you have all of the tracks selected, from the...
  10. adambyte

    What does it take to run OSX on a intel PC?

    Yup. Gotta buy a Mac to run Mac OS X. Apple currently has announced no plans to release Mac OS X for generic PCs... and why should they? That's where they make most of their money: hardware. So there's no motivation to do change things. The Intel Core Duo iMac and...
  11. adambyte

    Help- Os8.6 Wont Load

    You said you tried booting from the CD, but when it was done booting from the CD, the hard drive didn't appear? Sounds like you should get someone who is technologically inclined to open up the computer and make sure that the hard disk is hooked up properly, and all the connections (the data...
  12. adambyte

    Application incorrectly being recognized as a document

    Here's something to try.... rename the application and add ".app" (without the quotation marks) to the very END of the name. The Finder will ask if you're sure you want to append .app.... do it. THEN try launching the application. Hope this helps... EDIT: lol. Well, we agree. Yay for posting...
  13. adambyte

    Found a 'Mac SE' on the street!

    Woah. Completely forgot about AtEase.... Yeah.... what are the telltale signs that it's an AtEase dialog? Would an icon with the little folders with people show up in the dialog box?
  14. adambyte

    Wireless Mighty Mouse

    ... Apparently everybody on this board is a Squeezy McFeelPants.... Shame on all of you. Having said that, yes, I'd use my tongue. WHAAAAA?!?
  15. adambyte

    Best comedy?

    Wow. What an odd mix of comedies. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to pick "other": Seinfeld. I suppose it's my New Yorker side, but the show was so cleverly written, sometimes it boggles my mind. The plot, and sub-plot (and sometimes even a third plot) always come together at the very end of...
  16. adambyte

    Found a 'Mac SE' on the street!

    Um... CJ MAC OSX IPOD... that advice would be great... if the Macintosh SE wasn't such an old computer. lol Glad to hear that you saved an old Mac, dude. First of all, yes, if you have a floppy drive, you can probably make a proper boot disk for this puppy. Mac OS 1- 7.5.3 are available online...
  17. adambyte

    The best and worst political leaders in the world?

    It is NOT absolute crap. ANYbody who encourages the manufacture of such dangerous materials is a bad leader.... be they American, Arab, or from the planet Zorg.... Well... I suppose if the Zorgians figured out a way to safely handle the waste material, then I suppose it would be okay...
  18. adambyte

    Mighty mouse - doesn't live up to it's name

    Traditional rubber-style (without the hard top) mouse pads are good for optical mice. I've found that anything with the slightest bit of glossiness (plastic-top mouse pads, magazines, glass desks) will send an optical mouse to crazy-land.
  19. adambyte

    The best and worst political leaders in the world?

    Mmm... yeah.... let's add anybody who has anything to do with the advancement of nuclear technologies of any sort.... that's dangerous crap, not only as weapons, but also for "energy."
  20. adambyte

    Wireless Mighty Mouse

    I have tried the Mighty Mouse... great mouse for regular work (especially in Final Cut, when I have to scroll left or right)... unfortunately, due to the fact that if you want to do a "secondary click," you have to make sure only that finger is down... it is not good for Halo, when one has to...