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    change the Favorites Heart icon?

    On my box (cf below) I do not find a heart icon on this Folder. Where can I dl it from? Thanks. My setup: G4/450 AGP, OSX Panther9, 896MB RAM
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    synching ibook with g4

    I have a 15" G4 iBook that I want to synchronize with my G4/450 AGP both under Panther9. I can't use the standard apps like SuperDuper or CCCloner (I believe) since the System is not the same for the two boxes -- different ROMs AFAIK. So *what* exactly should I copy and how (dragging...
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    Spinning Beach Ball Very Slow Finder Start

    you are a lucky man! on my box (admittedly rather old -- apple wants you to change more often!) the mucking beachball goes on and on even after startup... setup: g4/450 agp, osx panther9, 896 mb ram