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  1. dne

    Loading Griffin Powermate drivers at login

    I'm trying to figure out how to load the powermate drivers at boot time that normally launch as a "Login Item". I am trying to use the Powermate as the primary input device for a CarMac implementation (see my install log here). I am also trying to protect myself as best I can from someone...
  2. dne

    HELP: Moving External HD to Aiport extreme AirDisk problem

    I have a 500GB external HD that I have been using as a Time Machine backup. Now that I have hooked the same drive up to my Airport Extreme and set it (now an Airdisk) to be my Time Machine backup drive, it says there is not enough room. Has anyone tried to do this before?
  3. dne

    ADC-DVI adapter help

    thanks for the help folks!
  4. dne

    ADC-DVI adapter help

    I have a flat panel display. a nutshell, I need to have a powered DVI-ADC adapter in order to hook up MacBook Pro up to the 17" flat panel? Does anyone know of one besides the $100 one from Apple?
  5. dne

    ADC-DVI adapter help

    Hello- I have been looking around, here and other places, for some information. I have an old 17" ADC display that I want to hook up to my new MacBook Pro with DVI. My question is THIS: Can I use ANY DVI-ADC adapter, or do I need to but the apple one that is powered? Thanks!
  6. dne

    Iphone no compared to Zune

    I faintly recall hearing Steve mention something about some kind of flash expansion. Still looking at around 2 gigs there. Also, I am positive that ole Steve said that Apple only had an exclusivity contract with Cingular in the USA ONLY! So there is hope out there for the rest of the world...
  7. dne

    Base Station vs alt's?

    Awesome. Thanks for all the good tips. I'm a college student, and didn't really want to spend $200 on a base station if something else would work fine. THANKS
  8. dne

    Base Station vs alt's?

    I have a dual G4 877 sitting in my apartment, but I'm rarely here. Consequently I've decided to get a new G4 laptop. My question: Is getting a base station is worth the added cost over another wireless router? OR, would it be better to get my tower hooked up with an airport card...
  9. dne

    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Dropkick Murphy's - Fields of Athenry
  10. dne

    Help my, please.I cant control ftpd.

    one quick question. how do i set the frequency for the logs to archive as gzip files? a quick note! i got hacked. My roomate on a PC (I know, I know) found the error when a '. ' {yes that is a 'dot' 'space'} directory was created. the entire sub-dir was rooted in the ftp folder and...
  11. dne

    Help my, please.I cant control ftpd.

    i only editted the last part of the ftp line in the inetd.conf file. it was"ftpd -l" and I changed it to "/usr/libexec/ftpd -llS"....please help
  12. dne

    Help my, please.I cant control ftpd.

    i have NetBarrier running as my firewall. don't know if that has anything to do with it
  13. dne

    Help my, please.I cant control ftpd.

    I can't seem to change any of the default setup in the ftpd command. I've noticed that the command is located in /usr/libexec which prevents it from being called normally. Because of its location i have to specify the directories it is listed under in order to call it. For example, I...
  14. dne closing weirdness

    its 2 more keystrokes, and in the terminal everyone knows short keystrokes is the way to go.... on occasion i have seen similar problems, but after a bit it exits it like normal. if yall have a similar problem to mine, it always seems to stick after i have run something in the...
  15. dne

    what is .nbattrs?

    travelgz- the .DS_Store files that your concerned with have only one APPARENT use. Since they exist in every directory that you have visited with Finder. I had discovered some time ago that deleting this file actually fixed some problems of mine. On occasion I noticed that my views...