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    Has there been lots of spam lately?

    OK Thanks Nope. Though it does seem like it was longer ago than that. Also, it seems like this forum needs more people replying to the others that need help. Maybe I should start frequenting these forums again.
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    Mini Mac Not Having Sound

    To zap the PRAM press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys when you hear the startup chime (or about when it would happen, since you can't hear it).
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    Connect LED TV to PPC G5

    I believe you CRT is behaving as the second screen so your Mac is hiding the dock and menubar on it. Try this.
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    Has there been lots of spam lately?

    I haven't been visiting these forums lately because of all the spam posts. Have there been a lot lately? Thanks, #1 Rhapsody
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    HDMI Outputs!

    Yes that would be nice ;)
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    I want to make an iPhone app… but I hate programming

    You could make a web-based app. It would be a very simple process actually.
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    Kalyway 10.5.2 keyboard problem

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    Apple TV not visible in iTunes

    Open iTunes, go to "Preferences" and click on the Apple TV tab. Make sure "Look for Apple TVs" is checked and see if you see your Apple TV on the list above.
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    Google Wave

    Sent you the PM.
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    Mac OS X not working

    It might be the package that's bad. Have you tried installing something else?
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    Google Wave

    Could I have an invite? I'll PM you the email address.
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    How to turn on

    Not meaning to offend the OP, but his/her post looks a lot like similar posts we have been getting. There is a question then it just trails of.... Or is it just me?
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    MacHeist nanoBundle

    MarinerWrite is now out! :D They didn't reach the 500,000 mark but they released it anyway.
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    Can I sync external HD with MacBook?

    If you open iTunes and go to Preferences: Advanced and click Change, then point it to where you have all of your music.
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    MacHeist nanoBundle

    Yeah, I'm the same way. Most of the apps I'll never use but I downloaded them anyway. :D
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    MacHeist nanoBundle

    Now you can get 6 months of VirusBarrier updates for free.
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    Random Logout Bug

    While I am browsing the site I get logged out occasionally. For instance I just posted in another topic and it logged me out after I posted. It seemed to start less than a week ago. Anyone else with the same problem?
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    Ipod not recognized in Itunes