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  1. beef

    ssh in 10.1?

  2. beef

    Chimera Autocompletion?

  3. beef

    News-Group reader

    I read in versiontracker's review that halime has memory leak problem... I use tin
  4. beef

    Chimera Autocompletion?

    I'm a bit confused about your reply. if i started typing www.mac then a list like www.macwhatever will show up. but what i'm talking about is a feature that is in IE. I'm assuming that you've used IE before and know what I'm talking about. If...
  5. beef

    Chimera Autocompletion?

    Didn't Chimera have autocompletion (url) for awhile??? can you turn it back on by editing prefs.js or user.js?
  6. beef

    Fallout 2 Screen Resolution

    Well, I love this game, but it doesn't run on my machine with 10.2. I dunno how much longer I want to keep my powerbook running 10.1.5 just for this game... anyone got it running with 10.2? omnigroup never responds to my email either:(
  7. beef

    WTF is up with fink? that place has faq, help, etc... you should also learn how to change $path with your choice of shell, etc...
  8. beef

    moizilla, tab

    is there a way to make mozilla open a new tab instead of a new window when another app opens a page?:confused:
  9. beef

    Speed download

    it also installs a file in ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items I'm not sure if that particular thing works in browser other than IE. It doesn't show up in Mozilla (Speed Download does work with it, but not the contextual menu thing) It tried to use Stuffit Expander in my classic system for...
  10. beef

    Help with Hard Drive install please

    I think your mac came with a few manuals. I think it should have instructions on how to add more memories and how to add/replace HD. It should have the specs on the hardwares you should be looking for..
  11. beef

    Software Updater... unwanted items

    Is there a way to remove unwanted items (language support, printer drivers) from the list in the software updater?
  12. beef

    DolbyDigital AC3 Support

    I think it wouldn't work... and, well... as far as I know, there's no os-x driver for the Mac version of sound blaster either.
  13. beef

    tcsh shell problem?

    my recommendation is reinstalling the OS first. If anything is really broken, that should fix it. You can run the installer from 10.1 CD, and get the updater from software update, I guess. That shouldn't delete anything you've installed yourself. if you have .tschrc, .cshrc, .login. (or if...
  14. beef

    configuring sendmail for non-fixed ip?

    I don't think sendmail needs to have static ip to work... and you shouldn't have any problem if you just set your mail client to use localhost for smtp...
  15. beef

    Emacs in separate window

    emacs as an aqua app is available from sourceforge. or you can just set up a .term file and make it run emacs when opened. again, set alias for it... well... if you insist on using xemacs, i dunno what to tell you... since I don't use xemacs.
  16. beef

    lookupd: DNSAgent: timeout -- lets figure this out

    not help... but aren't these things measured in "ticks" instead of secs? and... does anyone run bind on their machine? would that make any difference? well... my personal feeling is that this "error" is rather irrelevant... but I don't mind this thing going away either... I mean, it...
  17. beef

    This pissed me off.

    well, basically, comcast does the same stuff. you go to their website, and you click on "help" (or whatever... it's not like I really needed help... just browsing to see if there really is any improvement)... and guess what... "Mac not supported" well... but I'm not really pissed...
  18. beef

    sendmail problems

    I think I've seen the aforementioned web sites long time ago... and I remember seeing alot of incomplete instructions on running sendmail. well, I remember seeing alot of discussions going on here, too... you might wanna do a search on "sendmail" here... you should find more than a few...
  19. beef

    Slight American McGee's Alice Problem

    it's not a real solution... but while you wait for it, can't you just trash the prefs file, etc to get the game to run in default mode? I played that game sometime ago, and I chose a wrong resolution. I had to force quit...but the game remembered the seleted resolution... so I think I...