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    defragmenting / fscking zip disks?

    Try the route 9! :p :D Nothing else will work
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    You pressed "new thread"!!! :D :D :D DOnt know how often that happened to me! :p
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    My Month With XP.

    Ok. Thats what you think. I think its a great OS! :o
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    My Month With XP.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: ahhhhohhhhwowhuuu HOW??? :confused: :confused: :eek:
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    My Month With XP.

    Didnt anyone read my post??? You cant say Pro-XP and Anti-Mac. Is Mac an OS??? No it is not! It is a computer. You have to say Pro-PC and (some) Anti-Mac. PCs with the right OS (ie. Linux) are great machines!
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    My Month With XP.

    Ok. I switched. From Mac to PC. At first I felt sad about it. But now after a month of using my machine I can say that this Machine ROCKS!!! I love it. I LOVE MY MACHINE! But I hate the OS! Loc at my sig. there you can find my specs. The Ge-Force Ti 4 is just awesome! All games I ever...
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    WORLD CUP NEWS: The U.S. beats.... Mexico?!?

    Shouldnt be too interesting! :o The Americans will kick our ass! :D :p
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    Who's your favorite apple ad "CHARACTER"?

    Yeah, I second that!!!! :rolleyes:
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    G5 and AMD Opteron

    AMD ROCKS!!! :o
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    delete it! :D No, just make smaller boxes! :o
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    Fake OS-pictures

    WT(C)??? :confused:
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    New Themes/Smileys

    I was! :eek: Dont remind me please! :o :( :eek: :mad: :D :D
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    How did you come to

    Yeah, I second that too! :)
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    The "I'm Back" thread

    Back too! :D
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    A humble request...

    And we did :D
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    To clear the record.

    Now I need a new Avatar! :( :p :p :p :D :D :D
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    To clear the record.

    If you all agree.... I would really like to be a friend of yours again. I love And whatever happened I will forget it. :) And I want to forget it. Although I dont really know anyone of you guys.............. I would call you friends. (May I :p :confused: ) Why my change of...