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    mac freezes at step 6 of install

    Hello I've run out of ideas. I am trying to install the epson cx6000 on my fathers g4 mac and no matter what without fail on step two of the install it stops at "searching drive". It shows it has 6 files left and then that spinning beachball comes up. Can someone please help. I forgot to...
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    spinning beachball

    Hello My dad has just recently erased his drive on his 17" apple desktop and has reinstalled the os (10.2) that came with his mac. He then added jaguar. The problem he is having is a very slow start up and when he clicks on preferences from the apple he gets the spinning beachball of death...
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    Hello Is there an ap out there that will alphabetize items typed into a text doc? I see reference to a devons freeware and that they have an ap for that but i cant seem to get there. Thank You in advance for any help given.
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    Classic install onto a tiger os?

    My father says that the classic environment folder is there and has been but when he tries to open it, it wants to open classic and it freezes. Before it freezes it says classic is not installed. Now he owns a copy of os 9 cd, can he install classic with that? Any help?
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    Classic install onto a tiger os?

    How would my father do this? Im familiar with macintosh prior to os 9, so with the complete revamp of os im lost lol
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    Classic install onto a tiger os?

    Thank You Very Much :)
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    Classic install onto a tiger os?

    Thank you for responding I am helping my father over the phone, you wouldnt happen to know the order of those cd's or the name of the one with classic on it? lol
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    Classic install onto a tiger os?

    How does one install classic 9 onto a mac with tiger on it? Everytime my father goes to try it says opening classic 9 then an error window pops up saying cant find os 9 system folder. But he is using the original disc he bought. He gets this error no matter if hes booted up from the cd or not...
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    How To Play A Dvd

    My father is trying to play a dvd in his imac. he just played a copy of a movie given to him with no problem. Now he is trying to play a movie from netflix and is getting an error message of "supported disk not available". what does this mean? Is this a codec or something hes missing? He has a...