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    Syncing iDisk

    Thanks for your response. I am using Netbarrier, but on the same settings as my home computer - which is OK - and I have synced on my MacBook on the same network before without problems. I don't have Growl.
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    Syncing iDisk

    I have 2 computers, a G5 Dual Processor and MacBookPro, both running 10.5.7. I can sync both with MobileMe, but the iDisk on my MacBook will not sync, it just says last sync failed. I have turned MobileMe syncing on and off and reset data but to no avail.
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    Virtual PC trying to install Bootcamp on Leopard G5 PPC

    Virtual PC running in Leopard does not recognise CDs or DVds and you get the error message that the disc is unreadable. A workround of this is as follows [thanks to Brent R] Insert cd/dvd Open Disk Utility Click on the volume that mounts Go to File->New->Disk Image from disk....(volume)...