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    Linksys WAP11 access point and beige g3

    Can I use the Linksys WAP11 Access Point to enable my PowerMac beige g3 (OS 9.2.2) to share the internet and printers from my home network (Westell 327W router, Verizon DSL)? I have setup TCP/IP to ethernet, and configured manually, assigning an IP address, etc., but with no success. I...
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    DVD photo library backup (iphoto 5) shows "no photos"

    I have an iMac g5 17" running OS 10.4.3 and iPhoto 5.0.4 (263). I have made DVD archive backups of my iphoto library using the "Burn" feature of iPhoto. Here's my question: Is there something wrong with using DVD-R "Data" discs (brand: KHypermedia)? After burning one of this type DVDs...
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    Finding IP addresses

    Dear Satcomer: Thank you for responding. I have accessed the router's setup page many times and also searched through the various menus and submenus to no avail. Perhaps the devices I am trying to find are somehow offline at the moment. Let me know if you have any other specific info that...
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    Finding IP addresses

    Is there a way for me to display the IP addresses of all the devices on my home network? I have 4 computers, 1 router/modem, 1 printer and three Linksys WAP11s. For now, the router assigns DHCP every 24 hours. If I want to get into the device by a browser, I need the IP address, but if it...
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    Verizon Dsl Installation

    On Oct 11, 5:07pm John wrote: I am working once again. Here is the same info from the new post for this issue: The problem is solved! A great level 3 agent at Verizon (Macintosh support) resolved the issue. For some unknown reason (can anyone of you answer this?), the DNS servers...
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    Verizon Dsl Installation

    I am looking for help getting verizon DSL to work with my Macs. I have a Westell 327W from Verizon that has a DSL signal, etc. I can communicate via Ethernet from my computer(s) to the modem. I can also access Internet sites using IP addresses, but here's the problem: URL addresses or...