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    Personal Laserwriter 320 and X

    I am novice, please forgive any breach of protocol I have a G5 running 10.4.3 I don't even know if 9 is loaded on the computer and I am not looking to use 9. I cannot get my 320 to run on the G5. If I network to my old G3, I can print when the 320 is connected to the G3. The 320 is the...
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    Entourage - Comcast - Can Send but Not Receive

    Hey gang, I just solved an interesting problem. I upgraded to 10.4.2 and installed Microsoft Office X. I imported my old Outlook Express data. I got all my internet settings correct. I could web browse. I could send mail, but I COULD NOT receive mail. I put questions to the forums. I...
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    Personnal Address Book - Template

    Does anyone know how to change the basic template of Apple's Personal Address program. I can change the individual records but I am still trying to figure out how to change the Master Template of the applications.