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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    My problem was simply lack of DNS configuration. For some reason my ISP wasn't passing - or OS X wasn't recieving the DNS server addresses from the server. Here are two great DNS server addresses that work for aany ISP: Jay :cool:
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    Lost Font - PLEASE HELP

    I accidentally deleted the Lucinda Grande font from my OS X computer and now have no menus or anything that uses the font! It is located in the System/Library/Fonts folder. I don't want to reinstall! PLEASE can you mail me the font to Thanks so much in advance! Yours...
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    Resizing the Dock.

    And if you hold the Option key - it sticks to different sizes
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    Why not create a multiple users account for him? That's what they are for!
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    PPP Connect (LCP Failure)

    I get the same - but only with one of my three ISPs - I have all my settings correct. If you just keep trying again again, about one in 20 connections get through.
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    iDisk and MacOS X

    When I try to log into iToold on the Apple website, I get a page that says I don't have a computer that can run MacOS 9 and directs me to the Apple Store for a new Mac. Anybody had any problems / success using iDisk and iTools on OS X?
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    Graphite Mode?

    The three widgets are all the same grphite shade. They are still easy to use however as they display the icons when the mouse is over them - Also it's very very easy to remember what does what. I meanin OS 9 - did anybody actually know what they did when they first used them? No, new users...