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    CDR - won't read my CDRs

    Hi, bit of a dull question i know but itunes and mac HD won't recognize my blank CDs. It used to and i have tried 3 different brands now and none of them come up. Any easy ideas? Kind regards George
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    Entourage not applying rules

    Hi, i keep getting emails from easyjet i have tried to unsubsribe etc but still i get them! Anyway, got sick of them so set up a rule to delete anything from containing easyjet in email address. Works fine, but only when i apply the rules everytime! Not good, so how can i set it up so they apply...
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    Hi I have multiple mail accounts set up in entourage, how do I seperate them so easch one has its own inbox, sent items, drafts etc?? At the moment they all come into the smae inbox. Many thanks George
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    remote access anyone?

    Thanks for that. Unfortunately although an excellent tutorial on what to do, its too complicated for me! I'll have to wait till or develope a mac version!? Cheers.
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    remote access anyone?

    thanks a lot. I have downloaded both those things now. Ive set up a password. Daft question maybe, how do i actually get it to work?? Do i go to a website or something? Many thanks George
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    remote access anyone?

    I use to access my PC. I know I can't acces my mac using this service. HDoes anyone know a free way I can do this? That is access my Mac from a PC? Many thanks!
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    Spring loaded @ bottom right hand corner of dock???

    Hi everyone. Bottom right hand corner next to the bin is a @ graphic on a spring, nice looking but does it have a use. Does anyone knows what this does? I think it stores a webpage but don't know how to work it? Also in an attempt to figure it out I moved to the desktop and vanished into a...
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    Mounting failed??

    Cheers nixgeek I will wipe the hard drive before calling apple support as i guess they will just do the same but take longer to do so. i have backed everything up and ready! I have the discs, although all i have is a 10.4.2 disc am I supposed to have a tiger one too? Thats what I have now...
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    Mounting failed??

    Thanks a lot fenderman. I have tried all your suggestions and still my mac isn't what it used to be. It is still under warranty just. I am a little concerned about Apple fixing it because last time I called there help line they spent most of the time trying to sell me expensive extra...
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    Mounting failed??

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me out. I am having a few problems with my powerbook g4 lately. Slow performance, not reconizing USB inputs, mounting fails?? I have plugged my USB stick and camera and ipod in no probs before but now nothing happens, my camera and usb doesn't show...
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    Backing up...

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    Dear all My ipod is formatted to my powerbook. I have files on my ipod that, if my powerbook ever dies because I backup to my ipod, I would want to open them up on my PC in an emergency. Do i have to buy MacDrive? Any alternatives? Any thing bad about the above, please let me...
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    Backing up...

    Sorry I am using a powerbook.
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    Backing up...

    Hi, You know when you plug your ipod in it updates (music, photos). Well, can you do this for files (word files, powerpoint files etc)? Any advise on software to do this task? Thanks in advance