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    turning speech off

    I have tried everything in my power to stop my computer from speaking to me everytime I click anything. Nothing has worked, can someone help me with this?? And also, can someone help me with my problem of being signed on twice. I am signed on my user name twice, it keeps telling me in the...
  2. J

    trouble with my 15 inch PBook G4

    when I click the apple menu in the upper left hand corner, it says, "Log off Justin Aldrich" twice, and "shut down" twice, and "restart" twice, and everytime I click something to open it, like the "Macintosh HD" icon on my desktop, a black outline appears around it. It just started doing this...
  3. J

    trouble with my 15 inch PBook G4

    hey, I need some help. In my OS 10.4 it says that I am logged in on the same name twice. I don't understand this, and hope someone can help me. I tried logging out, and then back in, but that didn't work. I tried logging out then restarting, and that didn't work either. Then I shut down...