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    Earliest Mac that can browse the Web?

    You also might try "" Great collection of older apps for system 7 users.Used their advice to set up a PowerBook 1400-166 for the net and was quite surprised at how well everything worked.
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    Possible to use DVD player on Lombard G3 in OS X?

    Hi;Which version of OSX are you using? There was a software bug with 10.2.2 which messed up dvd playback,it was corrected with 10.2.8.You might try going to here""For further help..There is a company called MCE that makes a combo drive for the...
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    Better Reception - PowerBook

    Hello; I use a external usb wifi"stick" made by a company called RaLink on my IBook.Much more sensitive than the airport card in difficult situations.Also I beleive that Linksys makes a similar one as well.Check ebay or a good reseller you should be able to find what you need. arrowone
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    os X and g3 wallstreet installation problem

    HI; On a wallstreet you have to partition the hard drive to a 8gb. or less for a osx10.2 install.Boot off of your install disk,go to disk utilities and set up two partitions, 8gb. for the osx install and the rest for classic or storage.Don't expect too much from your wallstreet on 10.2,you would...
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    Problem with iMac G4 Flat panel

    Hello; It will be hard to find one online, as apple has shut down some of the better sites due to " copyright infrigment".You might be able to find one on ebay.If you need the manual in a hurry,I have it as a 4.6mb pdf file.Cannot send it along on this post due to its size,but if you have a...
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    external modem help

    Hello; Hard to point you in the right direction without knowing what version of x your running or what mac it's running on.If you plan to connect thru a usb port,you might want to check out apple's usb modem at the apple store and see if it will work with your setup.If you have a older beige g3...
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    Ethernet & Wireless connections problems

    Hello; I have a Lombard as well so I hope this will help,First off,sounds like your internal ethernet connection has given up the ghost! Dont't worry you can wi-fi your way around this. If you can find a" Orinoco Gold" wifi card on ebay,OSX will see that as a Original Airport card and will setup...
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    Power-up issues G3 Powerbook

    Hello; Your wallstreet should be ok with a yo-yo adapter.I used one on my wallstreet for a couple of years with no problems,If you can, check the ac jack in back of the book.They have a habit of coming loose from the circuit board and have to be resolderd. next try to reset the pmu. Press the...
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    G3 and OS 9 Install Problem.

    Hi; Have you checked to see if the correct memory is installed. It should be pc66,3.3volt,sdram.If it is ok then I would check to see if you have a bad memory slot or ram stick by trying one slot at a time while you try to install. Good luck;arrowone
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    Best store MacBook memory

    Hi: You might want to go to ""They are showing a price of $338 for 2gb of macbook pro ram. arrowone
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    Please Help me!! tried everything

    Hi;Which OSX install Disk are you using? I used A full retail install disk on my 350 slot load Imac for 10.2.8 and then a emac 10.3 update disk.Had no problems at all.128mb. of ram is way to low for OSX .Also X is very picky about which type of ram is installed.Check apple's site for info on...
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    iMac g3 won't boot after failed OS 10 install

    Sounds as if you fried the video board.This is a common ocurrence in the Imac if you don't update the firmware.Your best bet is to find a good mac tech and have him check it out.It can be repaired, but the cost will be high!
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    Powermac G3 B&W & Jaguar

    Hi; Have a b+w g3 with OS 10.3.9 on it,Had some problems with install.This is what I did.First verify that you have a rev.2 board,check the ata controller chip by the ram slots.The number on the chip should end with a"402".Next you should have at least 256 mb. of ram.It should be pc-100 Ram.Now...
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    dvd player inop

    Installed a Apple dvd-rom into my b&w g3 ,osx 10.3.9,ATI Radeon 7000 video card with 64mb ram,also apple dvd player 3.0.1.All I get when dvd app opens is one bounce in the dock and it quits! Am I using the right player? A quick look in console shows that her are some missing files in libray. Any...
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    iMac G3 Slot-Loading Drive Isse

    HI; your best bet for a replacement drive is probaly ebay,but if you have never opened your imac,go to this site first "" and go to their mac repair manuals link.The Imac slot load Dv is available as a pdf download.It is not too hard to get inside but it is time consuming,lotsa...
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    Model # m55221 Display problems

    Hello;This might help you. If you have osx on your imac ,open system prefs>display>geometry.You can adjust your screen from there.On os9 go to control panels>monitor and you should find the same thing there.If you have a focus issue,take your mac to a repair tech.Too much high voltage running...
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    Need a CD-R/RW DVD-R/RW for a G3 B&W

    Hi; go to"" you will find what you need and info as well.
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    PB g4 hinge replacement how to

    Hi; You might try, for a how to on hinge replacment. arrowone
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    Fixing Os 9.1 On Powermac 9600

    Hello; Sounds like you have a bit of a problem. The best way out of this is beg or borrow or buy a Os 9 install disk.Next go online with your pc and download a copy of max power's installer for your upgrade and burn it to a cd. Boot up from the OS9 disk,open disk utilities and run verify and...
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    Thunderbird Bug With Mac Os

    Hi; go to the menu bar,>thunderbird>preferences>attachments.You should have a open window,top of the window you'll see two lines with radio buttons.first line should say"ask me where to save" Second line will say"save to desktop folder".Clik the button of your choice and that should do it for...