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    UNIX:Aqua creating alternate mount points?

    I have had some experience with Linux and creating mount points. I know that Apple does not use amd and has some unique ways that it deals with disks. Is there a way of arbitrarily mounting a partition or volume to a directory in Aqua (i.e. creating a volume mount point under /usr/local/ for...
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    PC disks and file extension mapping.

    I have found that PC files (even with appropriate dot extensions - .doc, .txt...) on mounted zip disks are not assigned to an application (i.e. generic icons). I've also noticed that classic apps seem unaware of PC formatted zip disks (they don't appear in Open/Save dialogs in classic apps). Is...
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    Problem with context menu in list view.

    I don't know if this has been posted before... I seem to have a problem with context menus in list view under 10.1. When an item is cntrl+clicked, the Finder deselects the item and the context menu for the container folder appears instead. This only impacts the list view all other views are...