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    Just wanted to wish...

    ... everyone a Happy New Year!!!
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    New Mac Book

    Any idea of when this might be announced? Will they just call a random news conference, or at a expo, ect? Any chance they would do it with the release of Leopard? Before, after? What’s everyone’s thoughts, along with educated guesses (haha and please feel free to state which...
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    Apple stores down

    I just noticed that the apple stores (Canada and US) are down. Do they do just small updates this late at night (1am mst)? Or could this be in prep for something bigger? Haha by the time most people read this we should know our answer. Either we will be excited or I will have stirred up...
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    iphoto crashes when trying to import

    Hi, My iphoto repeatedly crashes when trying to import. When I relaunch, it says some were not imported, and asks if I want to import them into the library, in which it crashes again, and has doubles of the recovered files. My camera (Canon SD600) does not show up in finder when I plug it...
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    When and How can we find out the annoucement tomorrow?

    Thanks everyone! Wow did I spur quite a discussion! :) Meet you back here to talk about it!
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    When and How can we find out the annoucement tomorrow?

    I know somebody already asked this question in another thread, but I think the question got lost in the predictions. Does anyone know when the public will know the announcements? I'm pretty excited, but don't want to spend my whole day trying to find it if we can't find out until much...
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    cl=5 RAM timing for Macbook - can I use it?

    Hi, I looked up on apples support site, and looked at the requirements for installing more RAM. However, when I went to the store, they said that it required a special type, that the kingston brand wouldn't work (the other for apple they were out of). I checked the specs when I got home...
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    WWDC 2007. thoughts? guesses?

    yeah sorry, I just realized that... got ahead of myself. Sorry peps!
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    WWDC 2007. thoughts? guesses?

    Its up now:
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    WWDC 2007. thoughts? guesses?

    hey is there a online video of the keynote yet?
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    MacBook Pro line updated

    My macbook is newer by a few months... could my lower up time just be due to the batteries half life? Can anyone else give feedback on how their batteries are performing, and if my times are normal?
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    MacBook Pro line updated

    What am I doing wrong? How is it that I only get around 2.5 - 3.5 hours out of my macbook? Do you have airport turned off and run a low backlight setting?
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    Not sure what the best solution is...

    Sorry I should have specified that the disks are from a mac... Can pc's read old mac files? If so then yes, thats totally the way I will do it! Thanks
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    Not sure what the best solution is...

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, please let me know if its not. My dad just approached me asking if I could get data from 3.5 floppys that he had from about 10 years ago. I was wondering what would be the best way to recover the data. Should I try to buy a external...
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    Apple Store down, MacBook update

    Could you explain further what Santa Rosa is, and what they would have upgraded to (and when). I bought my macbook last September. Whats the differences in architecture? I'm not very savy when it comes to actual programing and engineering concepts, but will understand it if you can give...
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    I agree... plus if you wait till the summer, Apple usually offers a free ipod for educational purchases.
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    Leopard status

    Hi! Does apple announce big releases at events such as the one in LV this weekend? Any chance we could see it by next week? Or do they just hold thier own impromptu special event?
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    Safari always crashing

    Hi, Lately (past month or so), Safari will close on me, not just randomly, but repeatedly, usually when I have 3 or more browsers open. Is anyone else having this issue? What can I do to fix it? Is there a way to reinstall safari (I dont even know if this would help, I'm used to having...
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    Repairing permissions...

    I'm somewhat new to macs as well, could someone explain exactly what 'permissions' are, and what repairing them does? Thanks!
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    lost disk, need to run disk utility

    Thanks! After rebooting in SafeMode, it cleared it up! Now just need to find that disk! :)