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    Data Exchange

    Thanks, I am hearing something about a FAT 32 format?? Would that be compatible on both systems? If so Where do I get the ability to format that way. Jack
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    Data Exchange

    THis has likely been answered already but I can't find such. Under OS 9, I could format my Jump drive for travel in a format that allowed my MAC to read it and also PC's at the homes of the Ludites that I call friends. I had data on the Jump drive which had been formatted MAC, and could not...
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    Changing ISP

    My ISP COX was purchased by an outfit called Suddenlink. They have provided zero support for MAc users to migrate. I am up and running and want to send a mass e-mail to my whole address book informing folks of our new address. I see a thing called "automater" which implies it can be used to...
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    Mail not adding e-mail addresses

    I am running OS x 10.3.9 and mail 1.3.11. I must have something set wrong. When I click on an e-mail and say add to my address book it does not add the e-mail address. Would this be the case if the person were already in the address book but without an e-mail address?
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    Printer Sharing

    My wife and I have our own wireless network at home. Both running OS 10.3 The printer is attached to my I-mac. She can print to it wirelessly from any OS X application. Her favorite one is Mastercook which is a Classic application. Is there a way to let her print on the printer from a classic...