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    Will Continuity's Feature Of Sending Sms Messages Work With All Mobile Providers ?

    Greetings and best wishes from Ireland... and a very happy new year to all!!!! Can you send SMS + MMS messages using Continuity in Yosemite in Ireland (Vodafone) ? I'm running 10.10.1 on my MacPro 12 Core (with Continuity Activation Tool successfully installed). If I start an email I can...
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    Converting Inches to Millimetres

    To whom it may concern.... I have a project to have done for a client in the USA... I'm a graphic designer based in Ireland and I use only millimetres. I can convert basic inches to millimetres easily... using my OSX widgets or using online conversion... but my client has given me sizes...
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    Will Apple release a 4K Thunderbolt Cinema Display Soon ? This Year ?

    Hi there, I have had my Apple 30inch Cinema Display now for going on 10 years and when it bought it first it was the most expensive screen I ever purchased at €2,300 approx.... it has served me so well... and still does.... but I want to upgrade as my screen is now set ay 100% brightness and...
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    Can Application Switcher Be Assigned To The Magic Mouse ?

    I have been a Might Mouse user now since it was released and it's been a very productive mouse... allowing me lots of options while I navigate my finder and files... and assigned Application Switcher to the track ball nipple was for me a must have feature... and now my whole workflow has now...
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    Help needed getting my DELL 5150 to see my G3 running OS 9.2 ?

    Or... if anyone also know how to get a G3 to communicate with 10.5.7 that would work also.... but I have been onto Apple Support Direct and the have told me they have dropped support on OS9 and will not give me any additional info. Cheers. Regards, Anthony Irish MacUser & MacAddict
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    Help needed getting my DELL 5150 to see my G3 running OS 9.2 ?

    Hi there guys. I had a G5 running Tiger that did all my communication with my G3 running OS 9 which I use for scanning docs etc (Linotype Saphir Ultra). My G5 died on me today with a bill of 300 Euros to fix... so I was hoping some one of you genius people types out there might know of a way of...