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    Feeling Blue, Tired of Orange?

    Thank YOU!!! Now, I need not fight the urge to toss my cookies each time I visit... I can spend more time here without getting sick! Definitely a plus, so much better.
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    Where is my Classic disk?

    Hey that was closer to the solution I was looking for. A little quirky but hey, it does the trick. Now for the testing phase: Does it stick? Thanks All!
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    Where is my Classic disk?

    I currently have Classic functioning, just not as I would like it. This "solution" which uses two partitions for a fully functional 10.1 is not acceptable. I should be able to run OS X with only one drive/partition, as that is how the majority of systems are configured. Does an iMac, for...
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    Where is my Classic disk?

    Here is yet another situation: 10.1 does not recognize, as a Classic bootable OS, either 9.1 or 9.2.1 on the same partition as 10.1. However, 10.1 recognizes seprate drive on SCSI chain as Classic-able, as well as the non-OS X PartitionAlpha. All systems boot independently (each OS stands...
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    Rumors circulating that 5G64 is NOT the GM?

    So, uh, if you didn't know already... 5G64 Seems to be the GM. Well, at least that's what 10.0 updated to when using the shrink-wrapped retail/handout package. Hehhehh. Hope you found this helpful.
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    512MB ram?

    But I already got the vendor to replace the stick... DataMemory Systems, BTW. I thought it was very good of them to do so, but since then they have changed the policy and I don't like it now. Kudos tho to the developer of the utility, I wrote him a long letter saying how much it was appreciated...
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    512MB ram?

    Haha Endian! I get it, but for the record: I will tell you right now that's bullshit. The situation was NO FAULT OF THE CONSUMER. I know you're just playin': I am not trying to stomp you or anything, I just want to let people know that that the situation was in no way dependent on the...
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    using .img file to copy OS X CD

    I know how to do this but I paid for my copy and don't know that you did so I can't feel right about telling you how but I will say that I found the information online so you can too. Sorry to be a bugger. But at least you know it can be done now. I am not trying to be self righteous or...
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    Burning Image Files

    Personally I mount the image and use Toast Deluxe to Disk Copy the mounted volume. You can do this with several images if you leave the CD open (write session, not write disk) and you will get multiple volumes to mount when you stick the CD in. eMail me if you want more info.
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    two or three lines max, original, useful, or {grin} perhaps even a political statement... {/grin}
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    windows taskbar for macosx?

    Action GoMac from PowerOn Software: for Mac OS 9.1 This would be a great utility to be ported to OS X, however, I think that PowerOn needs to be bugged quite a bit to get it done. Currently, this causes conflicts (krazy-ass flickering) when the extension is active in the Classic...
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    512MB ram?

    53.50 @ But check daily for better prices. It gets sooo cheap, and they have vendor reviews. Advice: Get 512MB now: $125.00 Because it is so cheap, and it saves a slot later. You can only put 4 chips in right? So why not get the most...
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    Still too slow!

    Hey "ITz The MaN" I have done this. If you search here for my posts (or it may have been on the or websites) you will find my history with that command. "Tragedy In X" would be an apt title for a column detailing my adventures... In the meantime...
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    So as I mentioned above, Jove, OS X is not useable. Even with this machine (see config. below) that was supposed to totally rock and roll with the SMP and advanced memory management I cannot work due to the overall lag in everything... And on top of that, ATI now says that the Rage series chips...
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    The thread follows: And while I am here: does anyone have the particulars of which program should be used (read: most suited) for optimizing my OS X partition? You can just point me to the thread in a private message if...
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    Still too slow!

    I have to agree, OS X is not useable. Even with this machine (see config. below) that was supposed to totally rock and roll with the SMP and advanced memory management I cannot work due to the overall lag in everything... And on top of that, ATI now says that the Rage series chips are not going...
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    Can "iMac Computer" Finder icon be changed to G4 Cube??

    That's OK cause we probably didn't get the same manual that you did. Mine has only 30 pages and mentions nothing about the icons not being able to be changed, in OS X or OS 9.1. Actually I think it can be changed... Or didn't do something correctly and got more freedom with my install than...
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    Speed up OSX 10 times faster than (Build 4L7) GUARANTEED!

    twister and techietim: zippygaloo is being sarcastic. This is not actually an OS X speed boost, it makes OS 9.1 appear to be OS X... A MOSS is a Mac Os Startup Screen. You can find them at Have fun and watch out...
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    Quake III?

    I feel silly. Is there any mention of this on the page? I guess I missed it if so. Thanks for the info.
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    Quake III?

    Me Too. I get as far as the yellow screen that shows up before you get the main menu. Sometimes it says that the path isn't correct for the game files when I know that it is. Config Follows: G4 450 DP/MP 448 MB RAM 30 GB HDD partitioned into: 5 GB OS X 10.0.1 + OS 9.1 5 GB OS 9.1...