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    JDownloader not working properly?

    From this morning after upgrading jdownloader it does not open any more. Anyone has similar problems? I use OSX 10.5.6 Xmass greetings to everyone
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    PM & OSX

    Good evening, I was suprised reading all your opinion on my request. Thank you very much fro readyness to help. After reading all your suggestions I will try InDesign. I am living in the middle of Nowhere and i have not much choice. Since i Got InDesign as a gift i will try it out. If I have...
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    PM & OSX

    Hi friends, When i had my old iMac i used to work with PM7 on formating books. Now I have PoweBook G4 and OSX. What should I do. By indesign. Leard how to work on it. Or there is PM that works on OSX. Thanks Sasha :o