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    Which printer to buy?

    Help. I need a new all-in-one printer, home +small office stuff. Photo printing would be good but is not a priority. My problem is compatability. I use a powerbook G4 running 10.3.9, but also have an older, very trusty imac G3 running 10.1.5 and 9.2. Is it too much to hope for that I could get...
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    Mac 0s X And Hewlett Packard Printer Psc All-in-one 2355

    Hi I have been having similar problems with an older HP PSC 750. Discovered by chance that evrything is fine as long as I don't do anything with the printer while the laptop is connected to external power source. It happened on two G4s - an ibook and a powerbook, and during my investigation my...