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    revert overclock jumper setting

    I need to fix jumper setting that overclock a g4 400mhz to 1ghz. I friend bought this machine on ebay and it is having instant kernal panics on boot. Does anyone know where I can find the default jumper settings. thanks
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    G4 Madness

    I have not idea how to resolve this but have experienced the same type situations ever since 10.3. I feel this is certainly a deletion or preference files but don't yet see why they are being remove or emptied
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    a "broken Folder" Icon Appears And Won't Start In Mac Osx

    The broken folder icon does mean that no operating system is found to boot from. If you have an alternative way to test the disk, try that. ie. plug it in to another computer. When booting from the CD does it show you the disk if you act as though you want to reinstall the OS? Also if you...
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    New Master Drive

    You may have to run disk utility fro the install disk to format the drive initially
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    Heard of Innix?

    Does anyone know anything about the korean memory company named Innix? I need to contact them and am having trouble finding anything in Google Thanks