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    Temperamental Bluetooth

    Resetting the PMU huh? When it says: "Warning: Resetting the Power Manager on any PowerBook or iBook will permanently remove a RAM disk, if present, and all of its contents." What does that exactly mean and what should I expect.
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    Temperamental Bluetooth

    Hello. Here's a new one... after starting up my PowerBook, after my desktop appeared and all login items were done, I attempted to start a Bluetooth File Exchange and this is what it said to me: "NO BLUETOOTH HARDWARE FOUND In order to use this application, you must have a Bluetooth...
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    iTunes Volume Levels...

    I own a hair salon which is completely run by a MAC. I constant find myself lowering and raising the volume of the music in the salon because of the blow dryers and/or conversation levels going up and down. Does anyone know of any kind of software/plug-in or anything that can do this for me...