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    Mail crashing

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    Mail crashing

    I went to open up Mail before and it crashed while opening. I tried a couple of times, same problem. I trashed the preferences but it's still happening. What can I do?
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    CDs unreadable after Jaguar

    After I upgraded my iBook (500, DVD) whenever I put an audio CD in the DVD drive or my external burner it says the disk is unreadable by OS X. Data CDs are fine though. Anyone have any ideas about what I can do? Thanks.
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    Jaguar Shipping

    Watch someone put it on the shelves early like Staples did with 10.0.
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    New AOL for OS X

    I've had the beta versions for a few months now. Mac users finally get away messages in AOL!
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    What Other Forums for Mac Users? By far the best!
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    New iMac - In Person...

    I also agree about the keyboard, that's why I got a White Pro Keyboard after Apple released them seperately to replace my Black keyboard.
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    How many Mac's have you had in your lifetime? (Home only + parent's machines)

    4 for me... Performa 6115 iMac 266 iMac 333 iBook 500 DVD
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    Longest Uptime??

    7:53PM up 18 days, 23:20, 11 users, load averages: 1.36, 1.11, 0.91
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    USB Zip CD-R support?

    I have the same drive, it works fine.
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    Quick question about CD-RW's...

    I usually use either Fuji or TDK. No problems on my Zip 650 that I've had problems with while using the CompUSA CDs WITHOUT the labels.
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    itunes 2, very cool.

    Can someone e-mail me it please? Thanks.
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    Driver for IOMega CD Burner?

    Mine works fine in 10.1 with the Toast beta.
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    Heres the deal about getting OS X.1 on Saturday from a reseller.

    My local Circuit City said they would have the free update Saturday.
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    apple hardware ship times

    Apple always takes forever to ship things.
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    Will MACOS X PB work for me?

    Yes, it will work on your system, just it might be a little sluggish since you only have 64MB RAM and Apple recommends 128MB. I'm running it with only 96MB and it runs ok.
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    Graphite Mode?

    Does anyone have pics of Graphite mode?