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    Cocoa When I have OS X running.
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    OS X, Mac, and 3D gaming 2001 and after

    Well, Omnigroup has ported Q3 without too much trouble (read: any) to Cocoa. Thus, it shouldn't be too hard, given the ease of Omnigroup's port to port new games within a weekend or two and thus give the Mac a very easy way to get games on the market at the same time as PC games.
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    After you get through the first steps of creating outlets and actions, it's actually easy and intuitive after that. Try looking through the first few sections of the Vermont Recipes, and when it gets boring, try experimenting.
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    How to shutdown osX UI? (so i can use Xfree86)

    After I exit outta X Windows, I press ^D and that seems to get me back into the login screen. How do I exit out of WindowMaker? The only way I've been doing it is to kill it. There's got to be a better way...
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    how to login as console?

    There's a new way to change the root in the new build. Check macnn's forums for the details.
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    I've always wanted to write a Terminal which sports skins and selective transparency... That would rock :-)
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    how to login as console?

    Remember a few things: Your root password is the password you first gave the system. If you've changed your password since then, try using the oldest one... Console is evil for anything outside of what you have to do. Mainly because the screen scrolling rate is *sooo* *sloooow* And...
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    Subtility of TerminalOpaqueness

    You know, it shouldn`t be too hard to make a Terminal with all the cool features you guys are talking about, if I`m not mistaken... I guess you could write just a Telnet client in the worst case.... Someone should make that and have it support skins and cool opaqueness and stuff :-) [Edited by...
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    Yet another...

    X Windows is a windowing system for UNIX, really nothing more. No inherent file management system. You start out with two terminals, a clock, and the window manager. It`s ugly.... The only good thing about it (besides remote running) is being able to use the programs that support it. The process...
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    OSX, or linux or BSD

    Brand new to the unix world. Was considering getting yellow dog linux for my G3 Power Book (Bronze), also looking at netbsd. After reading a bit about OSX due out soon I have a few questions. 1. Will OSX allow me to learn unix, or would I be better off with YDL? You betcha. You'll find...
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    Themes & icons

    Yes, there is. For a _lot_ of info, check out the Customizing OS X thread in and then proceed to General Discussion. There are lots of ways to change OS X, the more 'hardcore' ones being to convert the data fork of Extras.rsrc (this is where Aqua is held) to a...