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    [HOWTO] - Boot into console mode

    Koelling -I hope by now you've found the answer but if not here's how to exit out of xwindows when aqua is NOT running. In other words, if you've already booted normal, and started xwindows using Xdarwin (either fullscreen or rootless) you logout by typing logout at an xwindows terminal, or...
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    [HOWTO] - Speed up DNS lookups in OSX

    I was wondering where you found out about NetInfo and using it to cache DNS enteries. I'd really like to learn more about NetInfo and how it compares to traditional linux and unix tools. Thanks, Chris
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    can someone who knows stuff about networking help me out?

    I just have one question: When you use Sharity, and it asks for a password have you tried pressing enter with no password inputed? I ask this because WINS servers themselves don't involve passwords. Explanation of a WINS Server: (It was my luck that I got to work with a Sun...
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    can someone who knows stuff about networking help me out?

    The WINS server is merely a server that stores a listing of all the Windows computers. Connecting to that computer will give you nothing. This is merely something that speeds up network browsing on PCs and allows them to operate over a "router". You should still be able to connect to some if not...
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    Can't serve webpages from Ti since upgrade....

    It seems that apple made a few changes to apache due to the HFS+ bug. Here's the fix that someone generously posted to "Replace the existing file "/etc/httpd/httpd.conf" with the file "/etc/httpd/httpd.conf.default". Apple has renamed the HFS Apache module and the...