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    Comast Hi-Speed Probs with Safari and Entourage

    Sounds like you have more than one issue going on. 1st off I would use a more reliable bandwidth meter such as "". If in fact your speed is down that would explain why you have problems on both Safari and Entourage. Good luck...Rod
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    Dual monitors have a will of their own...

    It's to bad when you get no response to your ? I think, "I don't have a clue" would be better than zip. Anyway... I had the same exact problem but now my settings hold even after I "restart" my system; what did I do?; don't know exactly but I did a repair of my permissions for something...
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    uninstalling programs

    Coming from the Windows PC world this thread is soooooo reassuring you kind folks just don't know. I bring a lot of old baggage with me and on my new eMac it's really hard to break old habits. This thread saves me $ from buying unnecessary software and possibly causing more trouble than...