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    iMac G5 not booting after installing 10.4

    You're absolutely right!!! Solution: I restarted the iMac as a Target Disk, then restarted the eMac but with the iMac as the startup disk (again, via Firewire), updated OSX over the net from 10.4.0 to 10.4.6 - and there you go - the iMac now boots! And more importantly, I've retained a...
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    iMac G5 not booting after installing 10.4

    It did work originally. It actually had 10.4.6 installed, but like I said, it had P2P and torrent software installed, plus all of the previous owner's files and software, so just wanted to have a fresh system. So it used to boot, but not since reinstalling 10.4 - very strange indeed...
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    iMac G5 not booting after installing 10.4

    ---- iMac G5 1.9GHz, iSight, 160Gb HD, 512Mb RAM, Superdrive... ---- Hello all. I have searched for this, so apologise if it's already been discussed... A friend of mine bought a second hand iMac (as above) from eBay, which didn't come with any discs. I have a copy of 10.4 on DVD...
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    iMac not booting after installing 10.4

    Sorry - see the above thread 'iMac G5 not booting after installing 10.4'
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    Suitcase X1 Problem

    Hello all. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?...... I can't seem to activate fonts by dragging their folder over the Suitcase icon in the Dock! As simple as it sounds, this is extremely irritating! :mad: Specs: Mac: 800 MHz G4 (QuickSilver) with 512mB RAM - old, but a good ol'...