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    How do I send event to another application?

    Oh, I thought you were talking about having two programs that you wrote talk to each other. There really isn't a good way to have one application talk to another application which you don't control without the use of AppleScript, although I'm sure you could use Carbon Events, but that has to be...
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    How do I send event to another application?

    NSDistributedNotificationCenter (There are other ways, but I think this is the easiest to set up). Essentially you add your reciever application the DNC and have it listen for postings with a certain name and then have your sender application post a notification with that same name. Hope this...
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    How do I link to frameworks from command line compile?

    gcc -o main.o main.c -framework Foundation That should do the trick. Matt
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    Menu Extras question

    Well, I wrote Meteorologist, so I guess I can comment. =) The problem is that Apple hasn't given Status Items the same power as Menu Extras. Menu Extras cen be control dragged around the menu bar and even dragged off like the dock; Status Item's don't allow you to do that. In addition...
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    .mac backup?

    I wish I had a moggle... Anyway, just to counterpoint, it's $99 a year because the service costs Apple money each year. Unlike hardware which Apple builds once and then trades you for money, a service continues to be rendered each year and so you pay each year. I have no personal...
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    10.2.1 (6d42)

    If I remember correctly, the desktop picture on a windows machine is called the wallpaper... which fits right into the desktop analogy. I mean, I put all my files and folders on the wallpaper I have layed ontop of my desktop... er... Matt Fahrenbacher
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    News: Open Source Community says X runs on Linux!

    Mac-On-Linux was a project started a while ago that let you run Mac OS x such that x<10.0 (sorry, too much real analysis homework :)). I guess they finally have 10 running on it to. What it means is that if you have a PPC and what to run linux and Mac OS, you can simultaneously. That's kind...
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    .mac backup?

    Well, you don't need an internet connection, accept for downloading the software itself (which for most programs requires an internet connection now a days). You don't have to be connected to the internet at the time your backing up either. I bet non-.Mac users could us the program too...
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    .mac backup?

    Look at this image: Hehe, it's an image I get when I login to my .Mac account - I guess it does have an application that lets you backup to DVDs, CDs, OR iDisk. I'm downloading it as we speak... we can still do the project, but it looks like Apple has already made it (al biet for a...
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    .mac backup?

    Okay, at this point we're just arguing over whether or not we thing bundling software for backup is really important for OS X. I take one position, you take another, but we'll just call it an argumentative draw.... for now ;) I'll email you about the app once I find your email address...
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    .mac backup?

    I thought that was what J5 was getting at, but I guess not. Anyway, .Mac is an internet service, so its no suprise that the backup feature built into .Mac is an internet service. So, this idea that apple bundling an internet backup solution with an internet package is somehow a bad thing is...
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    .mac backup?

    They don't burn CDs, they just keep a duplicate of your info on their servers in Cupertino or where-ever. Not all backup has to be on CDs or other types of removeable media. Lots of other things aren't ever paid off, like utilities, property tax, food, etc. The fact that you keep using...
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    .mac backup?

    I think that's part of the reason why the dropped the price to $49 (at least for this year). People complained and the market took care of the situation. I believe they will be integrating more technologies into it in the future, like iCal and whatever big thing is next. No, think about this...
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    .mac backup?

    Let me just point out a couple things: 1. You're not paying $99 dollars for a backup program. You're paying for bandwidth (which ain't cheap), you're paying for the new webmail interface, you're paying for anti-virus software, and you're paying for limited remote backup. 2. I want one...
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    Project Builder compiles all my files?

    I've never seen a difference between machines, but here's something that can cause a lot of recompiling: 1) Edit a header file that several classes import - that will do it. 2) Use @class - depending on where you use it, changing one file could lead to the necessity to recompile multiple...
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    You need to make a full-fledged Cocoa Application (if this isn't - I can't tell if this is just a commandline program or just your main.m in a Cocoa app). You should add this code (notice the similarity to your code) to your controller classes (you should make one) which you instantiate in...
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    Beta testers needed for Alarm Clock beta

    Well, for those interested, 3.0 GM is now up and running. Here's the VT link: Thanks to all those who beta tested. Matt Fahrenbacher
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    Beta testers needed for Alarm Clock beta

    Just so I know, is anyone trying this out? I keep checking, but I get no responses... Matt Fahrenbacher
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    table column in cocoa

    That one error was probably accompanied by another error of the form: The reason? You misspelled it =D It's initWithIdentifier: - you have I*n*dentifier. HTH, Matt Fahrenbacher [self beginShamlessPromotion:YES]; NSLog(@"P.S. Now go try out Alarm Clock Beta 3.0!") [self...
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    Can anyone solve my problem (Cocoa)?

    Hey there. First of all, I'm assuming you mean PB, as you don't really compile anything or get messages lime that in IB. I believe this line of code should give you issues: boldText = [theTextView string]; That's because boldText is of type NSMutableSrting (why?) and [theTextView...