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    MacOs X and 2906 scsi card

    Have you tried it with a real terminator fitted, as opposed to the software termination? I ripped mine out (2906 card) to install OS X but then I read later on that in order for the OS X disc to boot with a 3rd party SCSI card, you have to install a terminator. I will try that soon, but I was...
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    Eudora under Classic

    Well, I solved my own problem, with the help of a little bit of research. I read about a program in another thread called Port Reflector (got it from that lets classic apps use the PPP Connect app in OS X. Now that Eudora runs very smoothly in OS X, I think I...
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    Eudora under Classic

    Hi, Has anyone managed to use Eudora whilst running in Classic mode in OS X PB. It runs just fine but I don't understand how to tell it to look at the IP address that the PPP Connect app has been assigned. Anyone able to answer my (probably) dumb question? Regards,
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    Mail folders are in standard *NIX format

    So then how do you get a Eudora (for mac) mailbox into the Mail program? I tried a straight drag from eudora to the relevant Mail mailbox and all it does when I launch Mail is quit immediately.