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    platinum vs aqua

    Ah, see, this must be a generation and/or profession 'gap' kind of thing. They just called us 'students' or perhaps 'interns*' back in the Mesozoic Era. :D * this was obviously way before Dell gave the term a bad name...
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    platinum vs aqua

    Not in my experience, sir. Most of the independent contractors I know are people like myself, professionals in their 30's - 50's and making use of their talents and experience on their own behalf, after having grown sick of playing in the corporate Ziegfeld Follies. Admittedly we tend to be...
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    Congrats to RacerX

    Hey, guy! Yeah we got tornadoes, floods, blizzards and the whole nine yards. As far as quakes go, well here you go! We must commune and build some machines sometime soon! -- Craig
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    I want a Newton!

    The Newton supports LocalTalk, so a LocalTalk/Ethernet bridge works. I think the Connection Kit and the Newton Developer Tools will run in Classic OK. Also, Farallon made some PCMCIA Ethernet cards and drivers for Newton. You may still be able to track one of these down. I have 2 of them but...
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    Aaargh, Metamorph X disaster!!!

    Make a backup copy of the Extras.rsrc file from your clean Aqua installation (use Sherlock to find it). Put that backup in a place where you can access it while booted in OS9. Then if your login window gets wedged like that again try booting from an OS9 CD and restoring the clean copy of...
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    What's your all time favorite OS?

    I'm pretty sure you can find most of the stuff I have off VersionTracker. Just search for 'service'. Some caveats: Applications which offer services (like OmniWeb) must be in /Applications or a subfolder of /Applications. Standalone services (like calcservice.service) need to be in...
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    What's your all time favorite OS?

    Of the many mentioned, OS X, Newton OS 2, and OS/2 are friends. I'll also cast a vote for some oddballs: QNX, Apollo/Domain OS, and Multics (the last more by osmosis than direct experience). <Here> is an example of the state of Mac OS X services.:D PS: Hiya, Racer!
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    Dialling into an NT RAS

    The NT server needs to be set to accept clear text passwords in the RAS admin program.