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    iWork 2.0?

    Big deal if you can't set .doc to be your default format. You can still Save As and make it one. Pages is going to be awesome. Blank, using a template or making your own. And it would appear that the inspector will be pretty powerful. I am most interested in seeing how Pages works with...
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    Why has sherlock failed as a tool?

    Replace "Sherlock" with "Watson" and I think the responses are the same. I bought Watson when it came out as it was superior to Sherlock which at that time was used mainly to search your files. After using it for awhile, the novelty just wears off. I would just rather use a browser when...
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    Yahoo (100MB) versus .Mac (15MB)

    How many people really need this much capacity for mail? I would rather have more iDisk space to store my home files, etc.
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    M$ Office preview

    Maybe you should give them a look Ripcord. I don't work for Snerdware but you might just be surprised at what these apps do. I know our IT guy sure was.
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    M$ Office preview

    Have any of you tried AddressX and GroupCal from Snerdware? They work seemlessly and silently with the Exchange Server. I have no need for Outlook with GroupCal. Can do it all with iCal. AddressX grabs all of the Global Contacts and puts them in AddressBook. The Powerpoint presentation...
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    What happened to 10.3.3 thread? Part 2

    I think I added the sarcasm smiley...No flamewar was intended. I enjoy the threads here.
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    What happened to 10.3.3 thread? Part 2

    I know it's alive again. Just had to get in my little dig.. ::angel::
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    What happened to 10.3.3 thread? Part 2

    So... The thread for 10.3.3 exceeds expectations is dead or missing or... Getting back to my original thread (which you killed), what happened, where is it, etc........ Guess I'll stay over at MacNN. Better mods. :rolleyes:
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    What happened to 10.3.3 thread?

    nuf said.
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    Stock market doesn't seem to like new iTunes

    It's called profit taking. Plus, whenever Apple gets close to the $25 mark, investors like to knock it back. Soon, it should go over. Apple kicked arse today and Panther is still a week away...
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    music event stream issues

    I originally had problems and thought it was my dsl connection at work. Found out a preference in QT was not set correctly. Qt preferences>connection>transport setup>transport protocol. For some reason, my protocol was UDP. When I changed it to HTTP everything worked fine. What is UDP...
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    New .Mac features coming tomorrow

    I am guessing that .mac members will have access to the exclusive music group list like the Eagles, No Doubt, etc.
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    Nisus Writer Express coming... (aka Okito)

    I would agree. The tooldrawer is extremely flexible and easy to use on my 12" PB screen. The drop down menu, the ability to make a new palette drawer and the ease of "tearing off" a pallette and letting it float is very nice. In the earlier sneak peeks they had screen shots of a new find...
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    Camino gets new Safari styled bookmark manager...

    uhhh, I'll stick with Safari.
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    AddressBook contacts to Outlook - how

    I changed jobs and now have to use a PC at work. How do I move my addressbook contacts to Outlook? I tried selecting all when in AddressBook and it makes one Vcard. Outlook only sees the first card on that Vcard. Used AddressBook Exporter and made a text delimited file. Mapping does not seem...
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    PowerBook G4 12" Heat Problem

    There is a fan.
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    New save as PDF Feature in 10.2.4 This looks really cool. I enabled the hidden buttons but don't see the menu items or scripts in the pop down list. Anyone know if these are just examples that Apple made up or do they exist? The PDF compress script initially interests me.
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    Virex 7.2

    I have .mac. Don't use virex.
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    OS X turning into XP

    Hasn't the log in graphics always faded in and out? At least it did before 10.2. Don't know for sure when it started.