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    How To Export A Photo Story Book From Mac Os X

    I created a story book album in i-photo, on my Mac. It has version 10.6.8. I could not buy the album because Apple does not cover India for such transactions. I thought of uploading it to i-cloud, but missed the 31 March 2016 deadline, and now cannot create an i-cloud account on this Mac. Is...
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    Connecting Sony Handycam DCR-HC96 E to iMac G5

    I have recently purchased a Sony Handicam DC HC 69 E. Prior to this I was using an older Sony Handicam and had no problems down connecting the video camera and transferring the footage to my iMac 5 using a Firewire cable. However, with the new video camera, I have a problem in connecting it to...
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    Synchronising Nokia 9300 phone with address book using blue-tooth

    Could anyone please provide me with information about sites from where drivers can be downloaded for synchronisingthe Mac Address Book with the contacts contained in my Nokia 9300 phone via blue-tooth. The Nokia software provided with the phone only works with the Windows OS. Thanks