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    Safari v1

    Anyone else getting bad text rendering with 1.0? Seems like anything below 8pt. falls apart (including all the posts on this forum)
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    best email client for os x

    Mail is clunky, and has the most annoying email client 'feature' - it stores attachments in its database. Never been a fan of Eudora and it still can't display html emails. PowerMail for me. No question.
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    Everquest for MacOS X

    It ain't out yet, it's a preorder. Just like Shadowbane. Hose yourselves down.
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    font issue

    If you're going to be using OS X full-time, you'll want a font utility and the best I've tried so far is Font Reserve by DiamondSoft. It's not as nice as ATM Deluxe was in OS 9, but works fairly well. You can activate fonts in OS X and have them be available in Classic.
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    Hate to Admit it. ( X vs 9 )

    Check VersionTracker. It's there. I got hardly any work done for a week after I downloaded it.
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    How Good is Safari

    BTW: blaming Safari for your mishap is like blaming your new pinetree air freshener for getting you into an accident: 'Well, I just bought this new air freshener and I hung it from the rearview mirror and then WHAM I hit a telephone pole. I'm never going to use these damn things again. Let my...
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    HELP! I am dorkin out here...

    Your friends should be able to open .sit files but .zip is better just in case. However the real problem is not the compression, but the encoding. Check to see how your email program is encoding attachments. You should choose Base64, not BinHex or AppleDouble (AppleDouble is supposed to work for...
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    Show your site!

    Well, why not. Here's my work site: Popup window doesn't work right in Safari, but whatever.
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    How Good is Safari

    Footnote: if you want to avoid viruses, stay away from Outlook Express (possibly even Entourage). Email viruses are the easiest to contract and guess which software they target/exploit? And if using an antivirus program lets you sleep better (I still look for monsters under the bed...
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    How Good is Safari

    Norton is a crummy product, both the antivirus and utilities portions of it. In my years of using a Mac running it has never caused a positive result. When I had a virus, like 6 years ago, Norton anitvirus didn't catch it (Virex fixed my system after it was infected). What NAV did do was bog...
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    Switch parody on the state of Mac gaming

    and So which is it? So we've gone from 6+ hrs/day to 'all the time in their life' that makes people 'jerks' or 'lame'. As I said before, I made a point, the same point as the guy in the video, only with examples, that Macs are inferior for gaming. You, dear iKst, have made accusations. He...
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    Switch parody on the state of Mac gaming

    Excuse me? How do you claim to know anything about me? So you can tell I have no girlfriend or friends or life and stay inside playing games all day? Mom, is that you? So tell me, since you seem to be such an expert, how does a 'game addict' look? I want to be able to recognize them so I know...
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    Switch parody on the state of Mac gaming

    So playing games sometimes is ok, but playing more than you denotes immaturity and 'uncoolness'? Wow, the iKst litmus test is really scientific. So, let us know, how many hours a day can we play to still be 'cool'? And all the best games are NOT available for the Mac. Who told you this? The guy...
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    Vote for the new icon for our chat client

    I voted for 19 but it's getting crushed by #9. Scalability is everything. I don't like having my icons at 64x64 just to tell what they are.
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    Blurry text

    Uhm, do you know what antialiasing is? If you think antialiased fonts being fuzzy on LCD screens is a bug, maybe you should look up the definition of bug. Hint: not the insect. ANY computer running an LCD screen with antialised text at a relatively small font size will appear blurry. It's a...
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    Switch parody on the state of Mac gaming

    So, he's 20+ years old, therefore too old for games? Let me guess, you're not yet 20... As far as the video - truth hurts. Macs are hurtin for games. I'm hoping Shadowbane will at least be some balm on my burning shame. And in case you hadn't guessed, I haven't seen 20 for a while. I use Macs...
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    Booted int OS 9.1 and can't get back to X 10.1

    Yup, it's not a bug, but a known 'limitation'. With 2 1GB partitions it won't apply to you though - only those with 8+ GB hard drives AND older machines (forget exactly which models).
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    Mac Os 9 Wont Install On Osx New G4!help Me!

    Actually no, he has a dual 867. These can boot into OS9. You're thinking of the machines released in 2003.
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    Booted int OS 9.1 and can't get back to X 10.1

    Just a thought... what sizes are the partitions for your drives? If it's anything like the old iMacs/G3s, you could run into this kind of trouble if the OSX partion isn't within the first 8GB of the disk. If you had say a 4GB partition for OS 9.2.x and a 5GB partition for OSX it can happen - an...
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    Complete newbie lookin for a Mac

    Well, you can always cannibalize the PC and use the monitor as a second display for the PB. :) Nothing like monitor spanning.