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    File Sharing Between 9.0.4 and X

    Speed for one thing!! Personal file sharing over tcp uses Shareway IP extension. A tool for basic filesharing. Appleshare IP is optimized for filesharing, devoting more system resources to it and making network operations a higher priority. Also, I believe personal filesharing has a...
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    OSX Beta on Beige G3

    I was wrong. Personality card was not my problem. On my workstation I had the cdrom drive set up as a slave on the 1st ide bus. I moved it to master on the second bus and the machine booted into the osx installer. (original sympton: machine would continuously reboot at startup)
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    OSX Beta on Beige G3

    I have a lab of Beige G3/300's 128Megs and one workstation 256Megs. DP4 would install fine on the lab machines but not on my workstation. The only difference on my workstation configuration is a different personality card I took off a Beige G3 233 to allow my machine to capture video. DP4 and...