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    Multiple NFS exports not working?

    First thing to check, make sure NetInfo Manager is setuid root: ls -l /Applications/Utilities/NetInfo\\ Manager should show -rwsrwxr-- 1 root admin 180584 Jun 4 23:39 /Applications/Utilities/NetInfo Manager If...
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    a.out? What's that?

    Right, the compiler merely generates the application, so you still have to run it. So ./testApplication is now how it would be run. The compiler doesn't actually run your code, it simply translates it into something the system can then run directly. At this point, if you wanted to...
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    a.out? What's that?

    When you compile, you simply generate the executable. If you run cc without the -o option, it'll put the executable into a.out. So to see your program run, simply run ./a.out If you want a more meaningful executable name, run cc -o myapplication myapplication.c then the executable...
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    "arplookup failed" after 10.1.5 update

    It sounds as if your ethernet card lost its mind; if this happens again, the most interesting thing to see would be the output of ifconfig -a to see if the configuration is still correct.
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    Multiple NFS exports not working?

    Well, I was leaning the wrong way...this is actually the way it's supposed to work. The man page for exports is really, really, really (etc) vague on this point, but the FreeBSD Handlbook explains it much better. Basically, since all the mount points are under the same overall mount point...
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    Can someone (with a good modem) send me 10.1.5?

    In Terminal, ping -i 60 sends a ping to Apple every minute. That should keep most connections active...
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    I've never seen the book myself, but if it discusses C++ on Unix, odds are you can use PB just fine with it by building a C++ Tool.
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    Multiple NFS exports not working?

    I'm leaning towards a bug; after playing with this a bit, I noticed all but the first one cause mountd to log the following into /var/log/system.log: Jun 9 02:10:53 myhost mountd[12981]: Can't change attributes for /exported/path. See 'exports' man page. Jun 9 02:10:53 myhost...
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    blah.a has no table of contents

    This has something to do with building of the archive (.a) file, as many products I've run into which complain about the file just need to have ranlib run against it, then the build continues just fine. Did you try to ranlib simpleskts.a (or whatever the path to simpleskts.a is) then run make...
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    Mac OS X Server?

    A T1 is 1.54 Mbps, and a T3 (or sometimes, DS3) is 45 Mbps. Then there's the whole OC-1,2, etc thing...but as xaqintosh said, they aren't cheap. A better choice may be to look for colocation for the server, that's a couple hundred a month at most places, and many tend to give you more than...
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    blah.a has no table of contents

    If you're doing a make clean after the ranlib, isn't that destroying the results of ranlib? Try the ranlib, then just make again, it should pick up where it left off.
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    10.1.5 --- User Privillages Gone

    Yeah, this kind of issue has come up before (it can cause Classic to fail to launch, sudo to stop working, and other problems).
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    10.1.5 --- User Privillages Gone

    Yup, that's precisely what I wanted to see. What it tells me is a number of permissions are in fact incorrect. Have you done a change in the Show Info window, and checked the Apply to all enclosed folders? For example /bin, /private, and several others should be group wheel, not admin, and...
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    10.1.5 --- User Privillages Gone

    What is the output of running ls -l / in Terminal?
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    "Localhost#" prompt strange after 10.1.5 update

    These are most likely messages which usually show up prior to the prompt, but this time the code which resulted in it (bringing up the ethernet card and starting the kernel's debugger) took a little longer, which is why they popped up after the prompt. Those exact messages also show in a...
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    Problem with cron

    If this is being added to a user crontab (via crontab -e) you don't want the user specification in there, 15 22 * * * /usr/local/bin/myscript Only if you are adding something to /etc/crontab do you use the user specification.
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    authentification for NFS mounts

    Ownership of files over NFS is going to be determined by the uid which owns them on the server (not the username). So if they are owned by uid 500 on the server, and your user on your OS X machine is uid 501, then obviously you won't own them (use id in Terminal to see your uid). Your two...
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    My 17' Studio monitor...Cracks?

    Does Apple article 88195 fit the description?
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    is this a bug?

    The defaults are stored in /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Internet.prefPane/Contents/Resources/English.lproj (or other language) in the file DefaultHelperApps.plist. Apple was kind enough to make this a good ol' plist instead of some oddly-encoded binary. To change the default choice for web...
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    Project Builder CVS error: end of file from server?

    Do you know if PB is picking up the CVS_RSH env variable? One thing I'd try is use tcpdump to watch the traffic PB is using to attempt its CVS update. If you're using cvs/ssh, sudo tcpdump -i en0 port 22 (replace en0 with ppp0 if it's over PPP). See if there's any traffic there. If...