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    chaning port on web proxy

    im trying to change the port for my web proxy. because of that gay code red virus thing, my isp doesnt allow me to host on port 80. i contacted them and they said use port 81. so i type in "81" at Network control panel, Proxies tab under Web Proxy (HTTP) and when i try to load...
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    ahh web sharing problem

    hello, i just got around to updating my web sharing and its screwed web sharing up. it tries to start up and nothing happens. ive tried typing in various commands into console, none of them fix the problem. below are three commands ive typed into console, yet none seem to work... sudo...
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    My problem w/ Mac OS X

    Well, I can use text editors..but its much, much more difficult for me to update my site. With a wysiwyg editor, i can update sections much quicker then I could if I sat there and typed out the html code. ok, so there is no wysiwyg editor for mac os x difficult would it be to run...
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    My problem w/ Mac OS X

    Is there not a way I can edit my website with mac os x? even using anoter program?
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    My problem w/ Mac OS X

    Hello. My names Ty, I am 15 and I have a question: I need these two programs - or ones like them - avalible for Mac OS X or upgrading is not worth it for me: Adobe Pagemill (For editing my website) Adobe Photoshop 5 (For images on my website) Can I run both of these programs - or...