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    imovie 3?

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    it's rubinstein who said kickass. he looks way too meek to use a word like that...
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    do you think apple just sets an arbitrary price? please. they have R&D to cover. they have raw materials to cover. they have ibm to pay. they have assembly and all their workers to pay. they have a slim profit margin to keep. what do you think they're doing over there? picking $s out of a hat...
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    hello all: the mergemail concept works in v.X that is, i can take a spreadsheet of emails and compile a generic email that queries the database when sending emails. then, entourage sends all the emails out accordingly. does anyone know if this can be done through mail? i'd like to be able to...
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    m2v exporting

    hi, i was wondering the best way to export an m2v file for use to burning with iDVD. my friend made a movie on a PC, and all he could give me was m2v video and a wav audio file... i used mpeg2decX to convert it and it worked great (that is, quickly), but the quality was very blocky... what's...
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    full screen web browsing

    does anyone know how this is possible in os x?
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    is a phone/pod/mouse combo possible?

    what do you guys think about the article on: that talks about this phone/pod/mouse combo... is there any possibility of something like this existing?
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    iPod drama...

    well, an old computer can run software the newer one's do, just more slowly. that's not the point, though. you shouldn't make the consumer sacrifice, when buying. apple should make ipod's as easy to buy and as fitting to the consumer as possible...
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    iPod drama...

    i think it's silly to get rid of the 5gb. i would need more, and most of you would need more, but keeping it and selling it for $199 would open up the market to a more economical group of people...
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    Apple Buying Universal Music? [merged threads]

    freedom of private use is very important. they never had copy-protection on tapes. or did they?
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    Apple Buying Universal Music? [merged threads]

    the real question that has to be asked is this: how will apple debut their music service and not alienate all those people who are used to getting music for free? how do you institute a service like this and reconcile those issues? next issue: how do you get the majority of public (willing...
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    Apple Buying Universal Music? [merged threads]

    c'mon, how lame can you get? you might as well say "greedy capitalist pig." people whine about apple not having the market share it deserves, then when apple tries to expand it's influence, people hate $. i hope that comment was just a joke. if it was, then i apologize for this one. if it...
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    "Switcher" needs advice

    i would say since you're not a hardcore video editor the 17in imac is fine. that's what i use (actually i use a 17in pb, but the imac i still use, too)
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    how do i know what drive i have?

    yeah, i need the specs. the website search isn't working. any other ideas? thanks, bolindilly
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    how do i know what drive i have?

    hello all: i have a que!fire model # PX-W8432T, but i don't know the specs on it. i checked in itunes, no avail. i checked system profiler, no avail. can anyone help me? thanks, bolindilly
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    Adobe wide-open prefers Wintels!!!

    it really is funny. apple now has a cult following. they have people, no matter how badly their products perform in comparison to pc's, who will make irrelevant arguments to defend apple. don't get me wrong. i am an apple user myself, and i would never go back to using pc's. but, you have to...
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    Adobe wide-open prefers Wintels!!!

    the main reason i would say for pc benefit is that macs are only 3% of the market. that's a lot of $ from pc users...
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    Former VP Al Gore on Apple board of directors

    edx: read "atlas shrugged," it explains very well how evil robin hood is: "rob the rich to feed the poor." i don't even want to get into how unjust that is. and your whole income redistribution and free medical care thing: any system of income redistribution ensures that people go hungry and...
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    Former VP Al Gore on Apple board of directors

    RacerX, that is the most socialist thing i've ever heard. i guess the government should just control the economy and force companies to pay for jobs they don't need right now. heck, the government should just nationalize all industry and make the minimum wage $40, and then everybody would pull...