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    Golive Crashes During Launch

    same here... I can't find an answer to this! If anyone can help please let me know!!!
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    Classic trouble!

    Hi I am having trouble with starting classic environment from osx 10.4.3. It worked fine then for no aparent reason it didn't anymore. The classic folder is there but in pref. pane it is not found. The problem is described in apple article but I am apparently too ignorant to understand what...
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    Acrobat 7 Pdf Printer Problem

    Disregard the question... I figured it out by myself - stupid of me, it's usually the first thing I check - update is needed. Article describing the problem and download link:
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    Acrobat 7 Pdf Printer Problem

    Hello! I have a problem with the pdf printer (Adobe CS2, OS X Tiger). When I print to pdf something "jams" - there is no output file! Everything is alright just that there's no result. The print job sits in the printer queue and that's that. Please help! "Export to pdf" works in indesign...
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    Can't see USB devices Powerbook G4

    I have the same problem with my hitachi drive in an icy box enclosure. It works if I connect the other usb cable that connects to enclosures power port. The problem seems to be the lack of power from a single usb2 port for the disk to work. Which is not right since the drive works on any PC...