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    You must launch the ./configure in the same directory "./" to the configure script, and check you have the permission to execute it. 1 read 2 write 4 execute to be sure : 'chmod 777 configure' If it work no properly, check manually the script.
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    Battery life

    I've no problems in my PowerBook G4 /500 ~ 4 hours battery life :D
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    MacOS X for PC

    hmmm classic support is'not fundamental I think.... The project try to convert Mac OS X not Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X / unix applications not windows applications... What the project need dramatically.... developers! only developers :)
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    MacOS X for PC

    Okay Okay.... don't worry, go to: And work with us :D
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    ADLS in France under MacOSX

    Ok thank's for all, I've seen and :mad: with a Speed touch USB.... Perhaps I can try to develop my drivers based on linux drivers...but the kernel differences are too large.... to be continued...
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    ADLS in France under MacOSX

    Have anyone a solution to connect the alctel speed touch ADSL modem to MacOs X?