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    .Mac Problems

    I have that issue when I check my .Mac from home. You most likely need to use your ISP's smtp server to send your email.
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    Intel Flip4Mac Released

    Fantastic! I've been waiting on this for a while...
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    Photoshop: Determine a photo's DPI?

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    COM Port in use by another app??

    I understand that only one app can have a port open at once, but I'm not understanding how to determin which app is using the port. I tried running lsof but I couldn't decypher all the output it gave me. I should also not that I tried syncing immediate after restarting my Mac, before running...
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    COM Port in use by another app??

    I've certainly never had this problem before on my Mac. I'm using National Geographic TOPO! software along with a Garmin GPS unit connected via a serial-usb adapter. This setup has always worked fine in the past, but for some reason when I try to sync between GPS unit and computer it gives me...
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    Problem with Roxio Toast

    Oh, I suppose I did! I don't really know much about computers ... just enough to get by I suppose. DVD+R to be specific! ;)
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    Problem with Roxio Toast

    CM- You and I seem to be having the same issue here. I'm assuming that you are using Toast 7 Titanium to burn DiVX avi movies to a DVD-ROM, right? I have had some DiVX videos work flawlessly, while others have video but no audio. I think that DiVX movies whose audio are encoded with MP3...
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    My FireWire DVD-R Seems To Have Crapped Itself

    I bought this external drive from Other World Computing a few months back. It worked great the first few DVDs I burned (both data and video). Now, for some reason, it's burned about a dozen coasters in a row. Here are the specs: Pioneer DVR-109 (FireWire 400) eMac 700 w/ 640 mb RAM MacOS...
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    Graphics won't load in Safari?

    For some odd reason, beginning yesterday Safari refuses to load any images. I hadn't changed any settings (that I know of) or installed any new software, it just decided to do this on it's own. I've restarted Safari and rebooted, looked through preferences, and still have no idea what to do...
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    Best OS for an old eMac... Jaguar? Panther?

    I've got the same 'ol grandpa-eMac as you. 700mhz G4 with 640 megs of RAM. I finally upgraded to Tiger (after buying an external DVD-R/W to install it) and it seems to run just fine. It's tough to give a speed comparison between Panther and Tiger, but I can tell you there wasn't any...
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    Install Tiger from a FireWire HD

    Wow, I wish I would've known this!!! You guys are seriously inventive. I'm impressed.
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    Tiger Exchange/media sent on DVD

    Evidently it wasn't mentioned clearly enough. Many people purchased the OS w/o knowing it was coming ONLY on a DVD. It does mention anywhere on the system requirements that you must have a DVD drive. I purchased Tiger the day it came out and here it sits, on my desk, a figment of my...