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    Good ol' Apple

    I too have posted several detailed feature request/changes for OS X, yet have not recieved this survey. I'm getting annoyed as well. I'm not just getting annoyed of not getting the survey, but I'm annoyed of how Apple is handling OS X Public Beta in general. Their OS X website, for example...
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    A Dock Critique (screenshots)

    Yes, OS X is geared heavily toward the consumer and very little toward the professional. I don't really think I need to tell why. I emailed Steve Jobs asking him to check out my Dock Critique (whose email address I will provide if you ask me personally), and here was his brief response...
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    a much better Dock

    I don't know if your dock would be very effective. That purple bar seems awefully small and hard to hit, which is very annoying. And I don't know about other people, but I prefer to see an icon of the window, as well as it's title (and in that title, I think it should include the app the window...
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    A Dock Critique (screenshots)

    Yes, my idea is somewhat Windoze-like, but so what? Apple has lost innumerable GUI ideas to Microsoft, I doubt there would be much harm in taking a simple idea such as where the icons for windows and apps go on the Dock/taskbar. Besides, it will only make cross-platform use much easier. Yes...
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    A Dock Critique (screenshots)

    Hey everyone, I have a viable, detailed Dock Critique written at along with a mock screenshot I made. Please check it out and tell me what you think.
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    Hiding vs. Minimizing

    I think that any time you click on an app in the Dock that has some windows from it minimized, the app should come to the front as well as all of its windows should unminimize. And if there are no windows at all open (behind other windows or minimized) with the associated app you click on, then...
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    OS X freezes on startup (Initializing Network)

    I've got a problem. I was fooling around with the TCP/IP pane in System Preferences, and I think I messed up OS X. I'm on a dialup, and I was just fooling around trying to set the Connection to Manual in TCP/IP, and I entered a bogus ip because it kept asking for one ( Then I restarted...
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    Ask Apple for these (please!)

    One minor feature I'd like to see and I hope others would help me tell Apple, is that in column view, have the ability to press 'home' on the keyboard to go back to the root of your computer when in a deep root so you don't have to scroll. And be able to press 'end' to go back to the end of the...
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    OS X updates... when?

    Pauldunlop, how do you know this?
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    OS X updates... when?

    Anyone have any idea when Apple will release updates for us OS X ß users? Or else why did they include the Software Update app?
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    Hotmail doesn't work in IE5b

    How ironic that Microsoft's own browser wouldn't work on their sites, yet a competitors' does...
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    cocoa vs. carbonizing

    One thing that I can confirm is that Carbon apps are not as responsive as Cocoa apps. For example, holding down a menu in IE 5.5 (Carbon) causes the whole app to freeze until you let go like it would under OS 9, but this is not the case for Cocoa apps. As well, when dragging a browser window...
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    How do I rename drives/partitions?

    I have 2 partitions on my 4GB HD, 1 for OS 9 and 1 for OS X, however, when I reformatted, they both defaulted to the names 'untitled' and 'untitled 2' respectively. Does anyone know how I can rename these to Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X? I can't seem to do it in the Finder