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    Can Mac OS X survive without an office suite?

    So let me get this straight. M$ works on a new version of Office. They've known of OS X for years now and have been working closely with Apple to get IE 5 carbonized but I am to beleive that they have nothing done yet to carbonize Office 2001. First of all I don't believe M$ for a second...
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    Radical News & JediKnight not working

    I sent an email to the developers of Radical news and they responded that they received their beta CD last Friday and will be porting a version over that will run on OSX beta as quickly as they can.
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    Another really nice one is They have a lot of entensive troubleshooting info there.
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    What happened to Carbon SoundJam?

    Let me know if you still need it and I'll sned it to you.
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    Macster is carbonized!

    It didn't crash or anything. It just played a few mp3's with a weird noise where as SoundJam played them with no problem.
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    Macster is carbonized!

    Carbonized Macster works like a charm although Audion appears a little flaky in my experience with MP3 playback. I'll stick with SoundJam in the meantime.
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    MPEG-Video under Mac OS X PB ?

    MPEGS are not currently supported by Quicktime in the beta but are supported by the soon to be released quicktime 5.0 which will probably come out shortly before the final release and should be included with it. Until then .movs are it ;(
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    No Restart in OSX

    I would use the startup disk app included with the OSX CD. Start up from the OSX CD, copy the app over to your OS9 partition and open it, then select OSX to boot up. From there once in OSX you can then select OS 9 thru the startup disk control panel in OSX
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    Internet Explorer

    As nice as DP4 was, it is a dog compared to the beta. I'm sure you'll agree once you get your hands on it.
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    TCP/IP don't apply my settings...

    You may want to try reinstalling and defining the settings during the install instead of trying to edit them afterward. I ran into the same problem with DP4 and ended up reinstalling.
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    RadicalNews Newsreader for OSX Beta

    Not sure as to who all may be interested in this bit of news. I emailed Radicalnews and inquired as to if they would be porting their Radical News usenet newsreader to OSX beta. Recieved an response today by email from Jim Brownfield informing me that they would in fact be porting it...
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    Success on G4/400 tower with 192Megs RAM

    Installed it on a G4/400 tower (Sawtooth) with 192 Megs of RAM. Also have an Adaptec 2930U SCSI card and Formac video card which the install did NOT have any problems with. Runs a little slower than 9 but with the ability to run as many programs as you like it is rather sweet.
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    Deleting/uninstalling Omniweb

    With OS9 on your box still you can boot into it and find the Omniweb app in the OSX folder that you put it in and simply throw it away and when you boot up into OSX it will no longer exist. Just another workaround.
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    Booting from removable drives

    Not supported in the beta, maybe in the final release.
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    Burning Toast Image

    When looking at the CD that you burnt does it show the files or does it still show the toast image? If it shows all the files it should boot fine unless the image was corrupted. If it shows the image file it was not burnt correctly.
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    How much space does a typical intall use?

    Takes about 750 megs to install although the more extra space you have the better as being a Unix like system it may have 'swap' space or pagefiles like NT to help speed the system up.
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    96 Meg Ram enough??

    The more you have the faster it will run as Aqua is a little RAM intensive to display from what I have heard/read.
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    I would check Apple TIL info on the support section of their web page. I don't have a powerbook so I don't know a lot about them. Have you tried starting from the CD?
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    Cursor stability

    The speed is adjustable and it moves rather smoothly IMO