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    internet connection difficulties

    Hmm. I am not techie. But Safari pages are only sometimes loading and, when they do, its all in slo mo. Firefox is working fine. My Entourage email program is working fine. And I do not even know what Little Snitch is. I'll be watching to see if anyone can help figure this out.
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    Safari's Blue Question Marks

    Well, none of this makes any sense to me. My blue question mark Safari problem continued unabated--through all kinds of efforts, both from Applecare, my ISP (Earthlink) and my own research. Also Fire Fox and even Internet Explorer were showing me the icons they use when graphics don't load--it...
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    Safari's Blue Question Marks

    I've been using Safari on my PowerMac G5 for a long time--works great. About one week ago, I removed my Airport Express from the system (Airport Extreme Card still is inside). I had tried to put some encryption on the Express--just couldn't figure it out. Then I couldn't connect via...