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  1. J

    G4 Sleep Issues????

    no. The adaptec site says they're for 10.0.x and not 10.1, I guess I could give them a try though....
  2. J

    G4 Sleep Issues????

    I cant get my machine to sleep with 10.1, I have an ADAPTEC SCSI PCI card (2906) installed. The machine goes to sleep briefly, not deep sleep, and then wakes right up. Any suggestions, besides removing my pci card???? Thanks guys.
  3. J

    I Have 10.1 FULL INSTALL in my hands!!

    I second that! and, could you let us know you carracho server address, do you have any 10.1 builds on it? in addition, other people could upload if you start a new subject in the forum. "upload img files here."