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    Administrator/root permissions

    When I log in as a normal user, I don't get access to modify /Applications/ and folders outside my /home/-folder. Is it a way to give regular users administrator-permissions in GUI? I tried in the "Multiple Users" program to select "let user administer this computer" but this doesn't help...
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    Localization question

    On linux you have these .kmap or .map files with charachter-maps. Is it something like this on mac os x? I really need to change my keyboard-settings in terminal, but I can't find any way to do it. Any tips out there?
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    Mp3 and music videos with playlist?

    Is there any software out there which can be used for both playing mp3s and music videos? I'm looking for a program on which I can play music videos in a order, where one music video starts when the previous stops. And what I really hope for, is a program like this that is carbonized. Anyone...